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‘F*** Joe Biden’ Chants Going International as Disgusted Protesters Gather at US Embassies

grandbrothers / Shutterstock.comAmericans have known for a while now that their frustration for President Joe Biden wasn’t going anywhere. From what most conservatives...

Teen Uses Illegal Weapon To Murder Attacker; Out on $25K Bond Same Day

By MemoryMan shutterstock.comWednesday saw the return of one of the worst things we seem to see every year, a school shooting. This time it...

Liberal Mayor Wants To Destroy American Heritage but Residents Are Telling Him No

Kenneth Sponsler/shutterstock.comAmerican history is under attack by liberals seeking to change it to be whatever fits their evil desire at the moment. The...

Joe Biden Pays Terrorist Nation Even Though They Refuse to Help Fight ISIS

By Trent Inness shutterstock.comJoe Biden’s dramatic pullout of Afghanistan was a complete disaster. His abandonment of the United States citizens and betrayal of the...

Biden Has No Plan In Sight to Deal with High Prices at the Pump

Alexandru Nika/shutterstock.comThe country is hurting due to record-high gas prices, but the Biden Administration does not seem to have any plans to address...

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