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Hey Look, Another Democratic Representative is Retiring!

Igor Y Eros / shutterstock.comFor as much as the Democrats are fighting to stay in power, it seems that they have forgotten to communicate...

Newsom’s Plan to Supercharge Immigration Crisis

Phil Pasquini/shutterstock.comAt this point, it would be hard not to notice the immigration crisis taking over our country and its southern border with Mexico....

What Biden Sees on Every Vacation to Delaware

BiksuTong/shutterstock.comAs you have likely have noticed, Democratic President Joe Biden has an affinity for his homes in his home state of Delaware. And while...

Twitter Yet Again Blacklisting Accounts for Speaking the Truth About COVID

Sergei Elagin / shutterstock.comSince its invention, Twitter has been an organization of truth and exposing secrets. Famous people have had dirty laundry aired on...

Senator McConnell Says Democratic Colleagues are Trying to Break the Senate

Christopher Halloran / shutterstock.comMitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, wrote a memo to Capitol Hill reporters that the Democrats were making another run at...

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