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Smile! New Mexico Institutes a Costly Dental Care Bill for Children

New Mexico’s Democratic governing doesn’t seem to be making it easy for what the rest of the Biden administration has planned. The state has...

Racist Psychiatrist Unloads Hatred Towards Whites in Speech to Yale Medical Students

We have to be careful about race and racism. This is not something new. We’re supposed to be focused on unity and loving one...

Is Critical Race Theory a Way to Advance the Liberal Agenda?

Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been popping up everywhere – workplace boardrooms and classrooms all over the United States. Many of the trainings focus...

Trump Exonerated! Investigation is Finally Over and it Found Proof Liberals Were Lying All Along

After months of accusations, alienation, and outright bullying, it turns out that the media and pundits on the left were completely wrong about the...

What a Pervert! Biden Can’t Keep His Hands off Boris Johnson’s Wife

Biden’s perversions know no limits, do they? This man is incapable of keeping his hands to himself. Where his handler for this? This seems...

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