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The Rules for Women Roll Out from the New Taliban Government

We were told that this “new” regime of the Taliban would be different. Women and children would be treated differently. They would be given...

Liberal Activist Comes for Larry Elder and the Democratic Party is Utterly Silent

Remember when we, as a country, were at least respectful when there was a difference of opinion? That seems to have changed over the...

Donald Trump Wins Texas Abortion Lawsuit…Here’s How He Did It

Texas conservatives took a “remember the Alamo” stance against liberals who thought it was high time to change the state’s strict abortion laws. They...

Man’s Last Wishes Not Observed During Execution Now Supreme Court Involved

The right to life is a fundamental concept that Democrats want to extinguish. For those people that are facing the death penalty, the road...

20 States United to Sue Biden Due to Transgender Mandate Allowing Biological Boys to Compete Against Girls

President Joe Biden now has a total of 20 states working to block his transgender mandate tied to schools. This mandate basically allows biological...

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