Walmart Threatens to Close Stores Over Democrats’ Woke Shoplifting Policies

Sundry Photography /
Sundry Photography / shutterstock.comAmerica is continuing its slow decline into Third World dump status, thanks to an unwillingness of the American people and Congress ...Read More

Trump Did What Obama, Bush, and Clinton Couldn’t

Evan El-Amin /
Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.comThere are a good many individuals in the United States who would say that Donald Trump was the worst president our nation has ever s ...Read More

NY Wants To Follow CA and Start Handing Out Reparations Despite Not Being Able To Pay for Basic Infrastructure

michelmond /
michelmond / shutterstock.comThroughout the years, New York has been nipping at the heels of California like an annoying little brother, even though they are the ...Read More

Biden Gets Snubbed by Key Dem

YASAMIN JAFARI TEHRANI / shutterstock.comWhen the president of the United States invites you to join him, either at the White House or especially on a trip, very few people ...Read More

After 33 Years, Disney Ride Suddenly Too “Racist”

VIAVAL TOURS / shutterstock.comDisney has been considered the gold standard for family-friendly entertainment for ages. The legacy of the late Walt Disney, its fil ...Read More

Whistleblower Finally Admits COVID Was Leaked From a Wuhan Lab

angellodeco /
angellodeco / shutterstock.comEver since the news broke of the existence of COVID-19, people have been suspicious of the “bat soup” origins that were initially re ...Read More


JHDT Productions /
JHDT Productions / shutterstock.comIt’s been clear to most of us for quite a while now that the pandemic is over. Sure, COVID itself is still around, and people are st ...Read More

And the Mask Scolds Are BACK

DFree /
DFree / shutterstock.comOur children are having their heads filled with all sorts of confusing information. They’re being taught that gender is something th ...Read More

Drag Queens, Yes. Kirk Cameron, No. The Sad State of Our Country

Jarlat Maletych /
Jarlat Maletych / shutterstock.comIf you live in a semi-colder climate, you are likely well aware that winter is here. Thanksgiving has come and gone, and Christmas i ...Read More

Ford Says NOT to Use Heater in EV Truck During Winter

Shag 7799 /
Shag 7799 / shutterstock.comTis the season for holiday parties. And, as usual, the White House is holding quite a few over the next few weeks. However, it would ...Read More

Biden’s “Petty” Christmas Party Snub Shows an Erosion to Democracy

Drop of Light /
Drop of Light / shutterstock.comThere’s always a bit of turnover in administrations after a midterm or a presidential election. It comes with the territory. Some pe ...Read More

Fauci, Mayorkas & Magnus Flee the Sinking Biden Ship as GOP Set to Take Over House

Aleksandar Karanov /
Aleksandar Karanov / shutterstock.comPresident Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 back in August, and despite its name, it included tons of measures th ...Read More

Is Congress Finally Going To Lower Prescription Drug Costs?

lev radin /
lev radin / shutterstock.comHomeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas has been a detrimental failure to the cabinet of President Biden. His advice on the ongoi ...Read More

4 Reasons Why Mayorkas Is Headed for Impeachment

Jo Panuwat D /
Jo Panuwat D / shutterstock.comSeveral countries around the world have already banned the Covid shots for citizens in certain age groups. They’re not admitting the ...Read More

HHS Says Everyone Should Get Boosted Every 2 Months – 6 Shots Per Year?

kovop58 /
kovop58 / shutterstock.comWe’ve been wondering for quite some time…what happened to the Hunter Biden laptop story during the 2020 presidential elections? It’s ...Read More

Elon Reveals the Way Twitter Suppressed the Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Ron Adar /
Ron Adar / shutterstock.comOne of Joe Biden’s gender non-binary freakazoids got arrested more than a month ago on felony charges. We know what you’re probably ...Read More

One of Biden’s Gender-fluid Appointees Just Got Arrested for Stealing a Woman’s Clothes

I AM NIKOM / shutterstock.comApple is joining the meltdown team over Elon Musk’s ownership of the Twitter social media platform. The giant company is now making ...Read More

Apple Is In Another Meltdown Over Musk

Katherine Welles /
Katherine Welles / shutterstock.comIf it’s not been made clear yet, there was not all that much of a red wave during the 2022 midterm elections – at least not as much ...Read More

The 5 GOP Members Standing in McCarthy’s Ascension Path

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