$250,000 Fine for Calling Someone an “Illegal Alien”

Whatever happened to our Freedom of Speech?  A person who comes into this country from another country without the intent of becoming a United States of America citizen is an “illegal alien.”  By the definition of the word, that is precisely what it is.  They are living in our country, sponging off of all the benefits, taking all the jobs, welfare, and voting illegally to put people in charge who will continue to give them free handouts off of our tax dollars.  Don’t go to New York City and say this and call them an “illegal alien.”  The fine can be as high as $250,000 for using the term if used “with intent to demean, humiliate, or harass a person.”  Next, they will want to ban Webster’s Dictionary.

The city announced the new guidelines last week and also put a ban on calling the immigration authorities “based on a discriminatory motive.”  So now American citizens cannot call the law when immigration law is being broken.  Since when did “illegal aliens” have more rights than the citizens?  The answer, since the Democrats run the city of New York City and the governor of the state is just as dirty as a Democrat.

The city’s Commission on Human Rights, which is the guide for employment, public accommodations, and housing.  Bitta Mostofi, Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office and Immigrant Affairs, stated, ” We are proud to have worked with the NYC Commission on Human Rights to produce and release this important guidance as we combat the federal government’s rhetoric of fear and xenophobic policies that have threatened the health and well-being of immigrant communities.”

Let us make one thing clear, the Department of Homeland Security defines the word “alien” explicitly as “any person not a citizens or national of the United States.”  Illegal is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as, “not according to or authorized by law; not sanctioned by official rules, and a person who enters or lives in a country without the documentation required for legal entry or residence.”  There, “ILLEGAL ALIEN!!!”

The commission gave examples of violations in a 29-page directive.  Some of the cases are as follows:  “A hotel prohibiting its housekeepers from speaking another language because it would “offend” guests.  A landlord threatens to call US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement if an Indian immigrant family complains in the housing court after they find mold and cockroaches in their unit.  A store owner tells two people speaking Thai to ‘speak English’ or ‘go back to your country.'”

For the first one, “speaking in another language,” didn’t Theodore Roosevelt name the “English” language as the “National language of the United States of America?”  Why are we having to learn their language to communicate with them?  They do need to learn English or have a translator present with them to communicate.  That is what is offensive.

For a landlord to call ICE, they should do so automatically and not put a stipulation on paying the rent or solving a problem for the tenants.  That one would be on the landlord if threats are made, but the call should still be made if the person is here illegally.

And for the last one, how many people do you think would have gotten arrested for yelling and chanting, “Send her back” concerning Ilhan Omar when the president delivered his speech in the Carolinas?  There would not be a jail cell big enough to hold thousands of people.  Well, it would have been a massive crime in New York City, and they would have gotten rich at $250,000 in fines per person.

Seriously, how much more do we have to take?  The Democrats called President Trump crazy and degraded him every day for what he says.  Do Democrats think making a law like this makes it right or even legal for that matter?  That is the definition of “unconstitutional.”  Pelosi had her nerve to say the President of the United States of America is “not above the law” and is “breaking the Constitution.”  Talk about the biggest sack of hypocrites this world has ever seen.

What has become of our country where laws are made like these and rules are changed by the Democrats when it does not fit their agenda or needs?  The Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio made a path for citizenship for all of the “illegal aliens” when ICE came in to arrest the undocumented immigrants.  How much more “illegal” does it get?

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