Abortion Group Trying to Lure Women to Have an Abortion by Offering Free Gas

It is a sad day for unwanted babies that are not even born yet as an abortion group will start to entice women to come in and abort the baby. The group is starting to issue gas cards for women to travel to get abortions. Some people do not get abortions because they cannot afford the expense to travel to death clinics. So now the clinics are paying their way. They are in effect paying for people to come in and murder their children.

The President and the Republicans are making good moves by making it nearly impossible to kill a baby. Many states have even gone more conservative and banned the practice altogether. But there are a few states that belief in killing children is ok. So now these groups want to help pay the travel costs and support the costs of these women seeking to get rid of their child.

In a proud statement Katherine Ragsdale, who is the president and CEO of the National Abortion Federation, stated, “We have already seen an increase in distances patients have had to travel to obtain the abortion care they need and expect this trend only to get worse.”

She says this as if it is a monumental success that she and others have sanctioned the murder of innocent children. She also makes it sound like a huge burden that these women have to travel to get an abortion. And yet no one in her group has ever asked how the baby feels about this new incentive.

The NAF will begin to distribute the cards to women in select states. There are even some criteria that the women will have to meet to get the gas card. The states have made laws that are making it harder to get the abortion. Some have to make multiple trips before the abortion can be completed and others make women wait at least three months.

These laws are good in the effect that they are in favor of the innocent baby that is fighting for its life.

Ruthless Ragsdale is trying to paint the picture that the program is highly successful and positive. She wants everyone to believe that this is a good thing and that there is no harm in helping poor women out of a bad situation. Except a baby dies in the process. There is nothing good about this program. They are making it easier for a life to end.

Ragsdale stated, “People believe that everyone should have the freedom to make decisions about their families and their reproductive health without government-mandated, medically unnecessary barriers.” Except that when the person decided to have sex, they made their choice to enjoy a moment of pleasure.

The baby should not have to suffer death just because someone does not want the consequences of reproduction. To take Ragsdale line of thought further is to say that a family may not want their two years anymore because they eat too much so let’s do away with the toddler. Ragsdale’s line of thinking seems to only stop before the baby is born. But her logic moves past birth and some people may decide that it is ok to murder innocent adults just because they are unwanted.

The same concept is found with euthanasia as people try to murder and end the lives of the elderly that they no longer want to care for. These clinics that are issuing the cards are making it easier for babies to die.

The NAF wants to expand the program to include the entire nation. At some point, someone is going to have to pay for all the gas cards. Who is to stop them from asking the federal government to help foot the bill. This is in effect funding abortion which is constitutionally illegal.

Ragsdale wants people to believe that she is the knight in shining armor that is hard to fight against the good laws that are banning abortion. She will find that she is not the hero that she thinks she is. Abortion is the murder of innocent life.

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