Common Sense Vaccination Is What Ron DeSantis Urges for Americans

The Democratic Party has taken it upon themselves to try and force people to get

Biden Can’t Answer the Question Because His Mind is Literally Goo

Usually, we don’t like a president because of what he’s saying. However, with Biden, we

Oklahoma Senator Calls State to Boycott Popular Leftist Ice Cream for Anti-Israel Actions

There is definitely some screaming being done for Ice Cream these days. Republican Senator James

Biden Fails to Fill Even the Smallest Auditorium for a CNN Town Hall

CNN loves to come together with the Democrats for these town hall meetings, which are

Top Dem’s Announcement on Justice Breyer Retirement Status has Dems Sighing with Relief

The Supreme Court scares Democrats, that’s the only way to say it. It seems that

Biden Says What Blind Democrats Are Missing Regarding Republican Increase With Voter Popularity

The Democrats are scared now that their evil agenda is out in the open. They

Biden’s Surgeon General Forgets That Social Media Isn’t Designed to Be a Government PSA Tool

Social media was never meant to be a news site. It was never meant to

CA Legislature Unanimously Passes Nation’s First Guaranteed Income Program – Will This Go Nation-wide?

The State of California continues to lead the leftist way in huge government spending. Lawmakers

Schools are Getting Bribed to Include Racist and Divisive Lesson Plans

The leftists who think that Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project are important to

Sorry, Biden — Racial Reparations to Black Farmers is a No-Go

President Biden isn’t used to being told “no.” Typically, he does what he wants through

Defund the Police…and Now Crime Surges. Dems are Doomed

We’re closing in on the midterm elections. The Democrats know that they have to work

Kamala’s Ignorance Shines Brightly as She Talks About Photocopying IDs

Kamala Harris must think that Americans are the stupidest people ever. In an effort to

Hercules and Superman Have Some Things to Say to the New “Woke” Captain America

Hercules and Superman have some things to say about Captain America. Kevin Sorbo, the actor

Hundreds Hit the Southern Border, Clearly They Didn’t Listen to Harris

“Go home.” That’s the message that Kamala Harris delivered during her visits to Mexico, Guatemala,

Trump Coming Out Swinging with a Lawsuit Against Three Tech Titans

Former President Donald Trump is certainly getting back into the ring to go toe to

AOC Takes on Entire World: Olympics Should Run by the Squad’s Rules

New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may have beat her own personal best when it comes

Back to School, But at What Price?

We’ve been fighting for over a year to get students back to school. The pandemic

The Media Spins Gun Deaths in Iowa Unfairly (Shocker)

The media loves to spin things so that anything that the GOP does looks like

Gun Owners in San Jose Will Have to Pay a Yearly Tax and Carry Insurance or Have Their Guns Confiscated

The slippery slope is getting steeper…Gun owners in San Jose, CA, will soon have to

Children Left out in the Cold and Parents Want to Know Why

The public-school systems in Democratic-controlled regions are grossly lopsided. Many students are being favored over

Driving High: It’s About to Become a Problem

The Democrats have been so busy looking at marijuana as the golden ticket to improve

It’s Good to Be in Power! Newsom Changes Recall Election Date to Make Sure He Can’t Loose

California Governor Gavin Newsom is loving his current position of power, isn’t he? Can you

China Adopts Nazi Philosophy as They Seek to Develop Weapons That Can Kill Certain Nationalities

The demonic deeds of communist China continue to stack up against the evil regime. They

Culture of Laziness Grows…

Most of us have all heard it: that line from our parents about having to

DeSantis Outsmarts Liberals at Their Own Game With NEW Education Bill

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis isn’t known for pulling any punches when it comes to dealing

This Is Heart Breaking! Biden’s Storm Troopers Arrest Innocent Peaceful Protester in Front of His 3-Year-Old

This video is absolutely crushing. We are gutted and you will be, too. It is

Does the Biden Administration Really Need to Pay Guards to Give Out COVID Shots?

The Biden administration has proven that they know how to do one thing: spend taxpayer

Twitter Locks Down an Account…That Reported on a Tweet

Twitter clearly has no control over who they shut down. They say that they have

Iran’s New President Won’t Even Talk to Biden

So, how is President Biden going with global relations? Well, the new president of Iran

Texas AG Gives the Lowdown on Border Crisis

The Biden administration may be willing to ignore a border crisis in Texas. However, Ken

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