Facebook’s New Manipulation of Facts Has Even Liberals Questioning Their Ethics

Facebook is once again proving it’s willing to alienate users and damage its bottom line

Watch Arrogant Fauci Refuse to Answer Even the Simplest Question to Avoid Calling out Biden’s Lies

Dr. Fauci has been allowed to say whatever he wants over the course of the

China’s Plans to Invade by Force

China likes to think big. They’re seeking global domination, and the process has already begun.

CNN Director Admits Disgusting Reason They’re Intentionally Going After Gaetz

CNN director let the cat out of the bag on what his company is doing

New COVID-19 Strain Found to Not Be as Terrible as Fearful Left Pushes It to Be

For the past year, the world has lived in fear of the COVID-19 strain was

Censorship Takes New Turn as Twitter Ignores Oppression Turned Greedy

Black Lives Matter is not the group of reformers that liberals think they are. Their

Governor Abbott Demands Investigation into the Sexual Misconduct Happening at Biden Migrant Facilities

It’s bad enough that President Joe Biden created an immigration crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Viral Numbers Baffles Major Media as They Get It Wrong Again

Biden’s media is grasping for information because they are confronted with a situation that defies

Senator Gillibrand Accidentally Exposes Flaws of Infrastructure Plan

As of right now, the liberal media has led us all to believe that the

Far-Left Activists Are Pushing to Add Hundreds of New Liberal Federal Judges at Your Expense

Liberals have long had visions of stacking the Supreme Court in their favor, and like

They Will Never Give up Their New Powers! Newsom Announces Reopening Maybe in the Card – In 3 Months

This is the type of story that is sure to inspire mixed feelings. You’ll want

Biden’s Army of Racists Target Professor Who Stood up Against Critical Race Theory Garbage

Jesse Singal’s new piece for Reason about an English professor named Elisa Parrett is a

Ilhan Omar Continues to Use Death to Exploit Liberal Politics

Liberals aren’t too big on using tact when they’re after something. No one exhibits that

Donald Trump Tells the Truth Behind Biden’s Big Tax Plan

Joe Biden’s plan for American is to turn the country over to the progressive party’s

The Sad Consequence of Biden’s Cruel Open Border Policy! Migrant Girl Brutally Assaulted by Biden’s Migrants

“I make no apologies for ending programs that did not exist before Trump became President

Break the Resistance Down with Vaccine Passports!

It’s clear that the Democrats don’t plan on establishing any kind of peace with the

Worst Nightmares: Biden Wants Us Tagged and Tracked

The vaccine passport has been somewhat of a threat for a while now. It would

Joe Biden Scared to Death of Donald Trump as His Presidency Continues to Fail at Every Turn

Joe Biden is scared to death of the thought that Donald Trump might just take

Pedophiles and Sex Offenders Welcome! Biden Suspends Background Checks for Caretakers at Migrant Children Facilities

The Democrats have been crying to anyone who will listen about “kids in cages” for

Liberal Court and Attacks Second Amendment Right With Blinders On

The right to bear arms is a Constitutional right as an American citizen. It is

Cruz Cuts to The Heart of Issue as Reporter is Slam Dunked Over Mask Issues

The Democratic Party wants people to believe that the pandemic is far from over so

Joe Biden Under Investigation for Border Wall Crimes

Joe Biden is making such a mess of things with his rash actions that he

Major University Claims Their Graduates Won’t Be Racist After Taking Diversity Module

Racism is the biggest lie that the Democrats want people to believe in because it

Being American Now Makes One a Racist According to Angered Liberals

The school boards in San Francisco love to make fools of themselves. The longer they

Dems Add Fuel To the Border Crisis Fire

The border crisis is getting worse, much worse. Even Jen Psaki knows it – she

American Airlines Played Favorites and Now They Are in Deep Trouble

The masculine fairy John Kerry made it a point to show everyone that he gets

Union Auto Workers for Biden Get Nasty Surprise

It was no surprise that during the 2020 presidential campaign’s then-White House candidate Joe Biden,

Finally Proven Right as Michigan Judge Verifies Trump’s Claim of Election Wrongdoing

The nasty Democrats hoped for months after the November election that their sinful deeds would

Immigration Set to Burn Biden to the Ground

The crisis at the southern border has grown to enormous proportions. And yet Biden still

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