Is There More Hate Toward Christians Than Ever Before?

Many politicians want to politicize religion. When it came time to confirm Amy Coney Barrett

Biden Crawls out of Basement and Cannot Finds the Words to Say

Joe Biden is the one man on earth that should not be the president of

Nurse in SD Lied to CNN About Angry Dying Coronavirus Patients…Here’s the Real Scoop

A Registered Nurse from South Dakota who is immersed in a sea of COVID-19 patients,

No Need to Fear When a Republican is Near

The reports are coming in from liberal states regarding the newly discovered COVID-19 numbers. The

Show of Force or Farce? Lawmakers Call for Immediate Congressional Investigation in 2020 Election

James Comer is the Ranking Member on the Committee of Oversight and Reform and Jim

Huge Child Theft Ring Uncovered in Nairobi…Who Wants to Buy a Stolen Kid for Cheap?

BBC Africa Eye is a continually updated news program presented by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

CNN Wants to Ban Christmas

BREAKING NEWS: CNN wants to ban Christmas. Surprised? We don’t blame you if you’re not

The Joys of the Vaccine…Or Not

Joe Biden thought he was going to be able to swoop in and save the

The Ice Is Cracking…Biden and His Party Snub Sanders and Warren as AOC and Tlaib Send Stern Warning

Early in the 2020 election cycle when liberal presidential candidates began crawling out of the

Gavin Newsom Evades Paying Property Taxes

Gavin Newsom is the classic corrupt dictator of California. His socialist policies have only destroyed

Biden’s Not Even President Yet and Brazil Wants War Under His Administration

Joe Biden may have a bigger mouth than Donald Trump. When it comes down to

Of All the Things Baltimore Should be Fixing, the Police Isn’t One of Them

As you likely know, the city of Baltimore, Maryland, has had its fair share of

Backdated Ballots? Oh, This is a Problem

Ballots are supposed to be postmarked by midnight on Election Day. Anything later isn’t supposed

The Economy is Set to Thrive as Long as Biden Stays Away

The economy is on everyone’s mind. They want to know what it is going to

Pelosi is Set for Self-Destruction as Liberals Blame Her for Failures

Nancy Pelosi is playing her own little games with people hoping to edge her way

Blame America? How the U.S. Election Could Shake Up Canada

If you are of a certain age, you may recall the Oscar-nominated song “Blame Canada” which featured

Choose Your Own Propaganda: When the Media Believes Its Own Lies

If you are a parent or child of the 1980s or 1990s, chances are that

Dystopia Now: Is 2020 the New 1984?

Totalitarian government. Groupthink. Propaganda as religion. The Radical Left wants to make 2020 the new

President Trump’s America is Safe and Prosperous for All People

President Trump is the only one qualified to serve as president for the next four

Newsom Declares New Set of Socialist Rules for Thanksgiving

When one thinks about war being declared on national holidays, it is thought that they

Liberals Denied Again as Their Plan to Cheat is Stopped in Battleground State

Democrats are rallying their efforts in all the blue states to expand the way people

The Dominoes Are Falling! Lifelong Democrat City Council Member in Flint, Michigan Is Backing Trump

Maurice Davis is the vice president of the city council in Flint, Michigan. Most expected

Cruz Demands, Who the Hell Are You, Twitter?

It seems that Twitter has forgotten that they are a social media platform – and

Senate Minority Leader Vows to Make Republicans Regret Barrett Vote

Democrats are still fuming over the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett, including Senate Majority Leader

Squad Goes Off Deep End and Calls for Packing of the Court

Amy Coney Barrett has defied the odds and has been confirmed as the Supreme Court’s

Lone Republican Voting Against ACB Takes Shot at Republicans While Making Weak Excuse for Her Betrayal

As the potential confirmation of President Donald Trump’s third Supreme Court nominee looms, Republicans are

Biden Did Sell His Soul to the Chinese

Joe Biden and his creepy family have surrounded themselves with layers of corruption that they

Senate Judiciary Committee Rules On Amy Coney Barrett – Democrats Respond

The Senate Judiciary Committee made a unanimous decision to pass nominee Amy Coney Barrett in

Former Biden Partner in Crime Fears for His Life After Confirming Biden Laptop Scandal

Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner Bevan Cooney has flipped, as we learned last week. Cooney is

Report: What’s the Story About Explicit Photos and Texts of Hunter Biden With Underage Relative?

Rudy Giuliani’s most recent media appearances have been filled with all sorts of revelations. Whether

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