Uh Oh, Cobra Kai May Not Be Woke Enough

Why is it that everything has to be about race? Why can’t there be entertainment

VP Pence Stands up for His Beliefs and Our Country, Refuses to Invoke 25th Amendment

The House currently plans to vote on a resolution that will allow Vice President Pence

China Has Donated Billions to American Universities Because They Truly Care…Now…Find out the Real Reason

Organizations with strong ties to China’s military have taken a keen interest in American universities.

The Uniting Force Behind Democratic Party is Gone so Let the Fighting Begin

The Democratic Party may act like they want the country to unite, but they certainly

The Radical Left Just Banned Dr. Seuss Books

Don’t be surprised when your next copy of See Spot Run comes with the same FDA warning

Border Wall is Long Forgotten Success That Will Secure America for Years to Come

The success that the evil mainstream media are deliberately ignoring President Trump. The border wall

As Some Look to DC for Intelligent Life, Others Look Up, Way Up

The Democrats have taken over Washington DC. As many look for intelligent life across Washington

Can Someone Please Explain the Definition of Murder to Ilhan Omar? She’s Confused Again

The definition of murder is pretty easy to understand. It is defined as killing someone

Biden’s America! Proud Boy Leader Arrested for Possession of Gun Magazines

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was arrested last night. He was being driven from an

Angry Citizen Block Health Inspector, Demanding a Return to Work

The liberal Democrats still live in their own world. They think that they can do

We Hope He’ll Win! Mac Repair Shop Owner Files $500 Million Lawsuit Against Twitter

A certain laptop was left behind at a Delaware repair shop this fall. You may

Warnock Accused of Disgusting Abuse During Church Camps

Next week, as you well know, hosts one of the most critical elections of our

China’s Sentencing of Lawyer Proves Why We Don’t Want to Be Just Like Them

If you listen to the liberals long enough, they’ll make socialism and communism sound like

Cuomo Finds Out He Is Not All Powerful as Court Smacks Him Down

Andrew Cuomo continues his path down lunacy lane as he reverts back to COVID-19 lockdown

Firebombing Police Cars is Not an Effective Way to Communicate

Firebombs are deadly. They cause a significant amount of damage and they could harm a

Fractured Squad Implodes as Members Eat Each Other Alive

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is continuing to alienate herself from all those that she is supposed to

NYC Restaurants Team Up to Take Out Cuomo

In cities all across the United States, businesses are struggling to make ends meet. But

America Needs to Hear This! Rand Paul Destroys Congress Over COVID Stimulus Hypocrisy

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul gave the most incredible speech about the COVID stimulus arguments recently

Marine Would Rather Catch COVID Than Deal with California

When given the option, most people would rather take a vacation than to go to

NYC Parents Complain When Racism Is Said to Not be About Skin Color

Progressives who are continuously in support of the Black Lives Matter group will tell you

This Is Horrifying! Watch Gov Whitmer Brainwash Children About Lockdowns

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (Democrat) recently had a discussion with Santa Claus that turned into

The Biden Crime Family! “Get Joe Involved” but Don’t Tell Anyone

Hunter Biden’s former business associates James Gilliar and Tony Bobulinski have some text messages that

AOC is Ready to Kick Pelosi and Schumer Out the Door

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has only been a member of Congress for two years. However, she’s the

AMA Quietly Admitting to COVID Lie While Americans Focus on Election Fraud

Everyday life for Americans has been far from normal this holiday season, and though the

Everybody Fears AOC’s Stupidity

Like everywhere else in the world, New York City is struggling due to COVID and

House Democrats Devise Punishment for Republican Lawmakers That Supported Texas SCOTUS Suit

Following the decision by the Supreme Court of the United States to not hear the

103-Year-Old WWII Vet Credit’s Unique Multi-Decade Habit for His Health

103-year-old WWII Veteran Andrew Slavonic has been the subject of several viral trends as Americans

San Francisco Taxes Itself to Extinction

The new “wealth tax” that was passed in San Francisco is doing more harm than

Dem Elected Official Who Threatened Trump Supporters Gets Payback

You would think that the supposed win of the White House by aging Democratic candidate

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