AOC Proves Dems Just Want Money and Power

There is no doubt that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has fallen for the trap that so many Democrats fall victim for and that is the mighty dollar. The greedy Democrats come to Congress for the money. They are pulled in by the potential of earning far more than their salaries provide them with. Many of the greedy Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi have amassed millions of dollars being in politics.

Ocasio-Cortez would never have thought about spending $300 on a hairstyle when she was tending bars. When she got to Washington she had no money but now she has fallen into a pit of money that has corrupted her even more than she already was. She has no problem making that much money and spending it on a haircut. The crazy lady cries about the treatment of the poor and how unfair things are in the economic world, but she has no problem indulging her greed with expensive haircuts. No one will ever take her serious when she lies about caring and lives a life of glamour.

It would have been far better if she got a regular haircut like everyone else and used the money to help the poor. But what she says everyone else should do is not willing to do herself. This is the way of the Democrat. They want to take from everyone else and give their possessions away to people that have not earned it. But when it comes time for her to give away her money and things, she will protect it all. A socialist that truly believes in that kind of government will be willing to live that kind of lifestyle. But every single socialist will never live the way they want everyone else to live.

When Ocasio-Cortez was asked about what she spent on the haircut she refused to respond because she knew that she is exactly what Richard Manning, who is the president of the conservative nonprofit organization Americans for Limited Government said that she “preaches socialism while living the life of the privileged.” She is the nation’s biggest fraud, and she will answer for it in 2020 as she loses her seat in the House.

Ocasio-Cortez is trying hard to be that political Barbie. She wants little girls to be like her. She wants them to idolize her as their hero. However, the little girls that make fun of her should be warned that if they hate her they will be threatened with their lives from the AOC’s death squad.

$300 is more than some people earn in a week. Ocasio-Cortez earns a huge sum of $174,000 per year. But that is not the only money that she receives as most Democrats earn other sources of income. That is why they can amass huge amounts of money. The dumb Democrats cry so much about the differences in earning between people, and they have no problem hoarding money for themselves or flaunting huge amounts of money for stupid stuff like expensive haircuts.

Ocasio-Cortez poked back at the public as she bragged about her new doggish look when she said: “They’re just mad we look good doing it.” She can do whatever she wants with her hair because it will never cover the size of her mouth. She has made fun of the American people with her statement. She has proved that she is more about the glamour than doing the job she has been elected to do. She has not once delivered anything to her district that she has promised. She has hurt her district as she has chased away jobs that would have employed thousands of people.

Ocasio-Cortez is just another political fraud within the Democratic Party. She has lost any respect from people that are struggling to make ends meet. She is pushing voters to President Trump because he stands for the common person. Ocasio-Cortez is a selfish person that wants to use the money from Americans for her demonic agenda. She does not care about people that live in a country that makes freedom possible for millions around the world.

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