Atrocious AOC Promotes Terrorists with a Fundraiser to Bail Them Out

This weekend the city of Boston, Massachusetts hosted the first-ever “Straight Pride” parade. As you can imagine, there was no shortage of people to protest the event. And, of course, some of those counter-protesters, aka Antifa members, took it a little too far. But no worries. Crazy AOC was there to come to the rescue, evening helping to bail them out of jail!

On Saturday the New York Representative tweeted, “One way to support the local LGBTQ community impacted by Boston’s white supremacist parade? Contribute to the Bail Fund for the activists who put themselves on the line protecting the Boston community.”

Below this was a link to a fundraiser that would help out counter-protesters with any kind of jail support needed. This included money for bail, rides, clothes, and even food. Co-‘squad’ member Ayanna Pressley also promoted the fundraiser, calling the Straight Pride parade an “LGBT hate march.”

After the event was concluded, it was reported that a total of 36 individuals would get the chance to partake of the fundraising efforts. Of these 36, all of them amassed several charges of “assault and battery on a police officer” and one, a minor, was even charged with “assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon,” according to the Boston Herald.

Reports of the event say that most of those arrested had ties to the far-left group Antifa that seeks to abolish fascism and other political ideas they don’t agree with by using violence.

I know, seems a little hypocritical, but whatever.

One member of the group was reported to have said about the event, “They are fascist 100%. How else are you going to get them to shut up?”

Yes, because violence is always the answer. Not.

But that is what the group is known for. Across the US, many journalists, conservatives, and those who don’t have the same disposition as the group have been assaulted in recent years. The group was responsible for the hospitalization of reporter Andy Ngo in June when he was attacked in Portland, Oregon. Similarly, an NBC News crew was assaulted in Charlottesville, Virginia last year by the extremist group.

By any set of standards, this group is behaving no better than the white supremacist groups they claim to abhor so much. Someone doesn’t do what they want, or says something contradictory the left way of thinking? They attack, literally. Trying to “get them to shut up.”

And apparently liberal congress members such as Ocasio-Cortez and Pressley support that deranged kind of logic. After all, they not only promoted a fundraiser to help these criminals out but did so before the parade even began.

This gives the idea that they not only support the acts of violence but were looking forward to seeing it and other illegal behaviors play out against those who believe differently. They were asking for it to happen and giving anyone who would participate in such activity a free pass out.

Isn’t AOC, as a sitting member of the House of Representatives, charged with the duty to protect this nation and the people that live within it? What kind of example is she setting by inciting violence and hate? And isn’t that precisely what she has accused President Trump and other Republicans of doing?

Furthermore, she called the event a “white supremacist parade” and yet she apparently failed to notice the large proportion of African-American, Jewish, and other ethnicities represented in Saturday’s event. In fact, if she has watched the festivities, she would have seen that of the 12 speakers on the main stage of the parade, five were African American, and four were women.

The group who organized the event, Super Happy Fun America said, “This was not intentional on our behalf, they reached out to us in support of our movement – it happened organically. If you remove the three main organizers from the lineup, the majority of speakers were African American.”

And they added, “Not sure which parade and ceremony she watched over the weekend… (They) must have missed the Israeli flags and African-American supporters in our group.”

Once again, when the left can’t intellectually battle it out, they resort to name-calling and violence, they always do. And Crazy AOC just proved herself to be not only extremely hypocritical but also a criminal at heart. #GetAOCOutofCongress is what we should be promoting.

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