Biden’s Solution To Immigration? Open Those Borders Up!

There are a lot of people who want to know what’s going on at the border. The Republicans want tighter borders to confirm that those who are released into the United States are accounted for. The Dems are acting like bleeding hearts, wanting to allow everyone from the southern border in rather than using the detention centers that have been in place long before Trump entered the equation.

Biden’s true colors are flown bright when speaking at a Town Hall meeting in South Carolina. When he was asked about the detention centers used for illegal immigrants and what should be done about them, his response was, “Close them down.” According to Biden, we don’t need them.

ICE agents have something very different to say about that. The detention centers are a necessity to deal with the thousands of people who cross the border monthly, many of whom are doing so illegally. The detention centers allow people to be detained long enough to gather information on them and determine if they’re going to be granted access into the United States, either with asylum or with some kind of visa.

So, while the United States is in the middle of the biggest immigration crisis to date, the presidential candidate is ready to open up the borders. Biden is no different than many of the more progressive 2020 candidates who would like to get rid of immigrant detention centers.

Cory Booker has called for virtually eliminating immigration detention while Kamala Harris has said that she wants to get rid of all of the private detention centers. According to Bernie Sanders’ wife, the first thing he would do if elected is to shut down the child detention centers. Elizabeth Warren also wants to end mass incarceration – and she’s not talking about immigration as the only issue, either.

It seems as though Biden is playing a game of see-saw, weighing back and forth on how he feels about the different issues. On the earlier presidential debates, Biden told Julian Castro that it is illegal to cross the border illegally. Unless their seeking asylum, they have to get in line – and that means using detention centers in order to deal with them in an effective amount of time.

When Biden’s campaign was questioned about his change in stance regarding immigration, no one was available to respond. This is becoming quite the trend with Biden’s campaign lately – he says something that contradicts what he said a while back and, then, no one can comment as to where he truly sits on a particular issue. At this point, it would be easy for Biden to go to different meetings around the country and tell them what they want to hear. However, at some point, he’ll have to draw a line in the sand and determine how he really feels about a particular issue.

This could spell trouble for Biden in the polls, too. He’s not the progressive candidate that so many people are – and that’s why he’s leading in the polls. If he’s going to take a progressive slant on something as controversial as immigration, it may cause the more right-leaning Democrats to lean all the way to the right with their vote in the general election.

The “he’s in, he’s out” routine is getting old with Biden. However, with his stance that was taken as late as Thursday about saying that detention centers “aren’t needed,” it doesn’t leave much open to interpretation. Without detention centers in place, the southern border would be wide open. At that point, would ICE even need to be perched there? Are we just going to put out a sign welcoming all of the migrants into the United States?

The possibilities are maddening. Those born in the United States have birth certificates and social security numbers. They’re accounted for. Without the detention centers, we have no idea who we’re letting into the country. They can skip and jump over the fences without having to worry about being detained because we have done away with them. Entering the country illegally, according to Biden’s new stance, isn’t actually illegal. Illegal aliens, as Harris and Warren have been known to say, aren’t breaking any laws. Clearly, all of the progressive Dems, which now includes Biden, needs to be schooled on the definition of what “illegal” really means.

It’s probably good that Biden has shown his true colors. Keep saying that you want to open up the borders and see how that pans out in the polls for you, Joe.

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