Bill De Blasio is Very Unhappy that Bloomberg is Running for President

Not a lot of people are happy that Mike Bloomberg, former mayor of New York and current billionaire publisher, has entered the race to run for president. Conservatives disdain him because of his nanny-state tendencies, telling people that they should not consume big, sugary soft drinks or own firearms. He is also flirting with Green New Dealism.

Liberals don’t like Bloomberg because he has a lot of money. The left, especially Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, would like to deprive people like Bloomberg of most of their wealth to not only finance schemes such as Medicare for All but also out of the belief that nobody should be a billionaire.

Current Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio can be counted among the latter group. The irony is that De Blasio tried to run for president only to see his campaign start in irrelevancy and end in ignominy. Still. De Blasio has much to say about his predecessor’s tenure as mayor, not only including the stop and frisk program, but also Bloomberg’s record concerning homelessness, according to Politico.

The ire De Blasio and Bloomberg feel toward one another is several years old.

“During de Blasio’s frigid 2014 inauguration ceremony, Bloomberg sat in the audience grimacing as de Blasio and his hand-picked participants laced into the former mayor’s record, his ‘plantation called New York,’ and the ‘Dickensian’ justice system wrought by Bloomberg’s use of stop-and-frisk policing.

“The hard feelings toward Bloomberg purportedly date back to de Blasio’s days as the city’s public advocate and council member, when positioning himself against Bloomberg had a tremendous political upside: It is how he emerged victorious from a tough Democratic primary in 2013.”

Some observers think that some strategy exists for De Blasio coming out against Bloomberg.

“People close to the mayor say de Blasio’s crusade against the Bloomberg presidential campaign is rooted in strategy. It presents an opportunity to reassert why New Yorkers elected him in the first place, to recapture some bit of that 2013 energy that swept him into office.”

De Blasio’s problem is that while Bloomberg is a political chameleon, having been a Republican, an Independent, and a Democrat in his political career, the current mayor is an unabashed leftist. Many pundits feared that with his anti-police policies that De Blasio is in danger of bringing New York back to the bad old “Death Wish” days of the seventies and eighties when law-abiding people were prey for street criminals.

Nevertheless, as the New York Post reports, New York has taken on an air of – if not peril for the law-abiding –- of chaos. New Yorkers have been subjected to daily sights of open drug abuse to public urination on the streets that were once kept orderly under Bloomberg and before him Rudy Giuliani. Under De Blasio, the police have taken a tolerant attitude toward people who display antisocial behavior.

A joke became common that New Yorkers were the only group of people who were happy about De Blasio running for president because campaigning kept him out of the city.

Speaking of the homeless crisis, the Washington Examiner reports that De Blasio has undertaken a unique solution. Mayor de Blasio is shipping them off to New Jersey with the enticement of one year’s free rent. The Mayor of Newark, New Jersey is so irate that he is suing De Blasio to make him stop.

While De Blasio struggles with being mayor of New York, Bloomberg is meeting with some moderate success in his quest for the presidency He has made a substantial ad buy touting himself as the New York billionaire who can knock that other New York billionaire, Donald Trump, out of the White House. As a result. Bloomberg is polling about six percent, which was above Kamala Harris. Harris, for her part, has seen the writing on the wall and has withdrawn from the presidential race.

Bloomberg is conceding Iowa and New Hampshire and is concentrating on the Super Tuesday states. Most pundits consider this a risky strategy. Candidates who win Iowa, New Hampshire, or both tend to get a lot of momentum. Bloomberg is counting on a lot of money and his persona as someone calmer than Trump, faster on his feet than Biden, and saner than both Sanders and Warren, to prevail.

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