Blocked Gun Control Has Demented Dems Reeling and Republicans Applauding

Every time there is a shooting in America the loony Democrats take to the streets and the airways crying for more gun control. Instead of dealing with the cause of the problem the stupid Democrats want to try to treat the symptoms of a larger problem. The liars called Democrats to want everyone to believe that the guns are the real problem. Rather, the problem is found within the very core of Democratic beliefs. The Democrats believe that a person should not have any authority over them, and they should be left to make their own choices. Sadly their socialist beliefs have led to violence and now they want to disarm the innocent. They are backward in their thinking.

One Democratic candidate used foul language to voice his frustration of the recent shootings and the fact that their gun-control agenda was blocked again by the rational and heroic Republicans. Bossy Beto and other Democrats believe that taking away the guns from people are going to solve the shooting problems in America. The truth is that by taking such action the shootings will only increase. No one reported that the last shooter was a convicted felon and did not own a gun. He got one off the street and used it to kill innocent people.

Bossy Beto does not have a clue about what it means to have weapons to defend oneself with. He sees an epidemic where there is no problem and sees no problem where there truly is an epidemic. People today have grown up with no discipline and structure because the devious Democrats have removed all authority and disciplinary means from the hands of people to help raise solid citizens. Instead, they are growing up confused and believing violence is the only way to voice their frustration.

The shootings that have happened recently are tragic. There is no reason why they should have happened at all. Intervention before these things ever happen is the best way to keep it from happening. Intervention in the form of help and not pressure. People that are on the verge of shooting people will give signs that they need help. The tragedy is that those signs are often ignored or passed off as mood swings.

Beto believes that the assault weapon is the killer in these cases. No gun ever killed a person. There was a person that held the gun and pulled the trigger. Instead of punishing the gun it is time to help the person. Even if all the guns were collected and there were none left to use people would still find ways to enact their violence on others. All they would have to do is make bombs and drop them at key locations and just wait for them to explode. Of course, the Democrats would seek to see regular consumables banned just because of their explosive properties.

It is fine that Beto and his colleagues care for the victims. But he and his other demonized friends are placing the blame in the wrong place. It is not the Republican’s fault that people willfully are shooting others. It is the fault of the Democrats for their socialist agenda that is driving people crazy.

McConnell is the blockade hero that has kept the loony liberals from stealing the freedoms of the American people. He refuses to bring the bill to the floor for discussion and debate. McConnell deserves a medal for the role he is playing at keeping the freedoms of Americans safe. The Democrats love to says that they are sick of it all. Well, America is saying they are sick of the Democrats and their lying tongues.

There are some Democrats that even believe the NRA is to blame for the shootings. The NRA has had nothing to do with these freaks out killing people. Not one of the shooters went to the gun shop and bought a gun legally. They found them on the streets and acquired them through black market sales. There is nothing a Democrat can do to stop a crazy man from getting a gun to kill people with. The best thing they can do is allow the innocent to carry and shoot back at the killer to keep his murderous shooting spree from taking more innocent lives.

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