Bloomberg Cashes in Favors for Votes

For all of former New York City mayor and billionaire Mike Bloomberg’s money, it seems he still doesn’t have enough to buy himself the presidency of the United States. But that certainly isn’t going to stop him from trying. After all, his money is about the only thing going for him.

If the recent so-called jokes he tried out in events in Texas are any indication, his personality and sense of humor sure aren’t going to be the ticket.

And neither are his policies. In fact, besides taking up where Robert “Beto” O’Rourke left off with gun control and a few climate change proposals, he hasn’t even really given us any.

Instead, his campaign’s main goal seems to be throwing continuous shade at President Trump. It’s pretty apparent that none of the Democratic presidential candidates like Trump all that much. But Bloomberg is undoubtedly the most vocal about it. And while that is sure to rile up a few never-Trumpers, it certainly hasn’t had the effect his campaign needs.

So far, he hasn’t even been able to qualify for any of the Democratic primary debates.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that the billionaire has resorted to putting out TV, radio, and social media ads left and right. But even that hasn’t worked out in his favor.

So what’s next for Bloomberg? What can he do besides let people think that he might be considering Hillary Clinton as his VP?

Let’s try literally buying votes…

Yep, it has recently been discovered that the former mayor may be calling in favors with several of his former mayoral counterparts, sending money to their cities in exchange for endorsements or support.

Take Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner or former mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa. Both men, plus at least six more, have all been named as recipients of large amounts of money from Bloomberg Philanthropies shortly after being added to Bloomberg’s Mayors for Mike campaign.

Former Flint Mayor Karen Weaver says Bloomberg would make a good president because he would focus on cleaning up the environment. Villaraigosa says Bloomberg is someone who cares about all life and wants to increase the quality of that life for all. And former Miami Mayor Manny Diaz has not only endorsed the billionaire but is on the board for Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Interesting isn’t it.

And while not all 100 names from Mayors for Mike are getting paid from Bloomberg Philanthropies, it seems quite a few are, according to the annual reports.

But it’s not just mayors either.

Throughout the year of 2019, Bloomberg’s Independence USA PAC spent about $110 million spurring on several congressional candidates’ campaigns. Do you think any of those are now looking to help out Mike in return? You bet. Talk about quid pro quo.

Former Virginia Governor Terry McAullife called Bloomberg one of the most crucial donors for the Democratic Party, insinuating that if not for him, Congress may not be what it is today. And while McAullife has not officially endorsed Bloomberg, he has been seen in his close company on several occasions, including at a news conference last month.

And thanks to the support of these “favors,” Bloomberg is surging in the polls. According to Real Clear Politics, Bloomberg was in first place in Florida with Democratic presidential primary voters. In North Carolina, he placed third, and Texas he found himself in a not so distant fourth, just five points behind the third-place winner.

But that success isn’t sure to last.

As people start to connect the dots, they might realize that he isn’t nearly as honest and presidential as he appears. After all, wasn’t President Trump just on trial for the allegation of similar behavior?

And at this point, that kind of scrutiny is the last thing Bloomberg needs.

He is already being criticized for his about-face on the “Stop and Frisk” policy he was so fond of as NYC’s mayor. Besides that, there are new allegations that seem to prove what has always been said of Bloomberg, that he is incredibly sexist, as well as racist.

And, of course, we can’t forget about the fact that he switched sides completely to get his position as mayor. He actually registered as a Republican before claiming the office of New York’s mayor so as a better ride in on Rudy Giuliani’s coattails. And if that wasn’t enough, he switched back to a Democrat after getting into office.

If he is willing to change his colors, pay off bribes, and cash in favors now, just wait until he gets in the White House…

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