BUSTED: Dems Are Master Deceivers on Russia

Russia is the place that people are flocking to learn how to hack into the United States’ most sensitive areas. They have found a way to infiltrate the nation’s security protocols and take the information that they want. In 2010 rogue Russia decided that they were going to hack into the FBI. Russian spies now had access to sensitive areas in Washington and other major cities around the country. The Russians were able to modify certain pieces of equipment to their advantage. Of course, Obama was the president for most of their activity. It was only when he let the office that ordered the equipment seized.

The Mueller report had some interesting twists to it that ties the dumb Democrats to the Russians. It has long been thought that the Democrats have secretly been working with the Russians to ring a win for the Democrats in 2016. Obama knew about these devices that he ordered seized. Suspicion grows over him as the world wonders why he did not order them seized when they were first discovered. The Democrats have been involved with the Russians for many years and finally has been caught.

What was really in those emails that Hillary hacker Clinton was guilty of hiding? What exactly did she not want the world to see? There is a good reason why she is not in politics anymore and it has to do with the fact that she has been discovered secretly dealing with the Russian people. She got out before her name could be stamped next to Putin in their feeble attempted to destroy the nation.

No one is that careless when it comes to sensitive information. Bill and Hillary Clinton are master deceivers when it comes to hiding the truth from everyone. Since their days in Arkansas, they have done illegal things and attempted to hide their illegal activity. When someone would get close to the truth that a person would secretly disappear or would be found dead in a very curious manner. Clinton’s emails are no exception. She has served in politics for many years and knows the rules around emails. She has deliberately allowed things to leak in an attempt to hide the truth of her dastardly deeds.

Later in 2014, Russia hacked servers again and was able to gain access to sensitive emails. As a result of this most vicious attack, all the servers had to be shut down in an attempt to keep the information from being stolen. The United States knew that Russia was behind the cyber attacks. This is a tactic that is unique to Russia. Putin may deny the truth and that these things ever happened. But he knows they did.

Officials claim that Hillary and her band of outlaws are not compromised by the hacks but in reality, they were. Later it was discovered that some of her emails had been taken by a hacker who was later identified. This criminal had access to email sent directly to Hillary and had her email address exposed for the cyber world to see. The problem is that Hillary had confused everyone with her supposed mishandling of emails to the point that the truth of her misconduct was buried deep.

The sick Democrats have aligned themselves with the enemies of the United States. They secretly keep attention on things that are not a threat, so they can get away with their criminal and treasonous ways. In truth, the AOC and others like them are the puppets of the Democratic party. They create trouble and mayhem so the real criminals can get away with their illegal activity without being found out.

As the investigations into certain Democratic leaders progress more illegal activity will be found. President Trump once stated that Hillary will behind bars. So far everything he has said has come true and now the world waits for Hillary to found guilty and put behind bars for her illegal actions with the rogue Russians. Russia may pretend to a friend of the United States, but they are a jealous nation that wants to destroy America, so they can effectively rule the world.

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