California Governor Begs People to “Stay Home!”

There are approximately 40 million people in the state of California.  The governor of California Gavin Newsom has recently ordered all of the people residing in the state to “stay home!”  This call is among one of the first orders of restrictions set in place among the states.  Within California, at this time, there have been 958 people who tested positive and 19 people dead from the coronavirus.

With the announcement of the mandatory order, the governor informed the citizens of California there would be businesses that will remain open to serve the public during these trying times.

Laundromats, banks, delivery and take out restaurants, convenience stores, food banks, farmers markets, grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations will remain open and are encouraged for the people of California to visit.

People are allowed to leave for healthcare reasons either for family members, friends, or for themselves.  There are 16 federal infrastructure sectors that are also exempt.  Those sectors include emergency and response teams, financial services, energy, transportation, healthcare, food and agriculture, and others.

At this point and time, Governor Newsom has not set a date for the restrictions to end.  Everything is being played by ear at this time.  The Governor of California, like other governors across the nation, is calling for the people to continue practicing social distancing.

Newsom stated, “We’re going to keep the grocery stores open.  We’re going to make sure that you’re getting critical medical supplies. You can still take your kids outside, practicing common sense and social distancing. You can still walk your dog.”

In all of California’s history, this call from the governor is the most critical call from any governor in the state.  The request is meant to free up hospital rooms and panic in the streets.  Officials are entirely tied to ending this epidemic and do not need any drama or added crime to their agendas.

Newsom continued, “A state as large as ours, a nation-state, is many parts, but at the end of the day, we’re one body. There’s a mutuality; there’s a recognition of our interdependence that requires of this moment that we direct a statewide order for people to stay at home.”  He added, “That directive goes into force and effect this evening, and we are confident that the people of the state of California will abide by it, will do the right thing.”

The administration added the stipulation for any person or persons who refuse to comply with the orders put out across the state.  They could be subject from a minimum, a misdemeanor to a felony, and or jail time.

Governor Newsom projected the worst-case scenario that over half of the population in California would be carriers or infected with the coronavirus.  He then requested $1 billion from the federal government to assist them with supplies, equipment, and other needs to combat the illness.  A letter was also sent to President Trump for the US Navy’s Mercy hospital ship to dock at the Port of Los Angeles to assist in the battle through September 1.

Governor Newsom explained the reasoning behind the request of the Naval ship.  He explained, “That’s just one scenario plan. There are others that are more modest. Some may, some cases (may) be more extreme.  When you’re looking at getting an additional (19,000) to 20,000 beds in your system, you have to look at your existing surge capacity within the healthcare delivery system, and you have to look at procuring additional assets.

Newsom wrote to other federal officials, “The economic disruption caused by this public health crisis will have immediate and devastating effects on our entire country, including too many families in California.  The magnitude of this crisis is extraordinary, and federal-state-local government coordination will be more critical than ever before.”

A number came forth as a projection of about 25.5 million people expected to be carriers or infected with the virus, and the governor declined to respond to reporters as to why he chose this number.

Nathan Click, the spokesman for the governor, stated, “Gov. Newsom has been honest about the threat of the virus and its impact on the health and welfare of Californians.  This projection shows why it’s so critical that Californians take action to slow the spread of the disease, and those mitigation efforts aren’t taken into account in those numbers. The state is deploying every resource at its disposal to meet this challenge, and we continue to ask for the federal government’s assistance in this fight.”

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