California is Leaving the Union Over ‘Naughty States’

What is the matter with the state of California? The entire state has jumped off the loony cliff and is trying to remove itself from the Union. The state has passed a law in 2016 that gives the ability to set up a list of what is being called the “naughty states.” This list is being used to keep people that are state-funded or state-approved travel to other states that do not have the same beliefs as the state of California.

The bill reads “protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.” States that fail to have this kind of law is being put on the list. It is the North versus the South all over again. So far the list has states like Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Kentucky. And now Iowa has been added to the list because the state does not pay for surgical procedures for transgender people. What is happening here is the corrupted state of California is trying to push their governmental beliefs on the other states by keeping their people from transacting business there.

The governmental wackos in the California political system all have their black magic markers out and are just waiting to add more states to the list of forbidden territory. This sad state has made living there nearly impossible. Under this new ban, no public employee or even college students are allowed to travel to Iowa for business. What California does not realize is that they don’t even know what they are talking about.

It was over 12 years ago that Iowa put gender identity into its Civil Rights Act. This law keeps people from “refusing service to or discriminating against people based on their gender identity preferences.” California does not even do their research before banning states for business. The state is beginning to remove itself from the Union. The United States would be better off with all the wackos living there. All the nations liberals and crazy people that love to complain about the United States could move there and set up their utopia.

California is a state that has gone downhill over the past 10 years. They have become liberal controlled and the liberal socialist agenda is destroying the state. It used to be one of the best places to live and retire but has since become one of the worst to even visit. No one wants to live there anymore because it has become a place of thieves and high taxes. Which raises another question of why are there such high taxes in the state in the first place?

Iowa does not allow Medicaid funding to be used for transgender surgery which is what motivated California to act the way they did. But Iowa still does have an ethical center. They believe that no harm should be done to the body for any reason. The empowering truth of male and female genders only sets the tone for what is right in Iowa. But when a state has a bunch of Democratic liars telling people that there are no genders then all of a sudden there is nothing stopping the state from misusing the tax money for such horrific procedures.

Letting people live the way they want to is one thing. But forcing others to pay for their stupid choices is another. If a person wants to mutilate their bodies, then they should have enough of a backbone to pay for it themselves and stop making everyone else pay for their stupid behavior.

California believes that the taxes they receive each year are there for their spending. But as elected officials, they have to comply with the demands of the general population. But loony liberals never listen to the voter. Once in office, they do whatever they want and whenever they want to. The Democrats House is a perfect example of their unwillingness to work with the president. They seek to do things their way and do not want anyone tells them what to do.

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