China Has Taken Blame-Shifting to Another Level

China’s leadership and the State Media are making claims that take blame-shifting to an entirely new level. Reportedly, the U.S. government is currently involved in some type of plot to cause unrest and discord among the people of China. We have learned, as history has taught us, that people will rebel, argue, and sometimes even revolt against their governments. The reasons could be countless but even strong leadership and governments like our own have witnessed discord among its people.

This is just an unfortunate fact and arguably an indictment on humanity. What it isn’t, however, is a “war tactic.” Yeah, you heard that right and this story will leave you scratching your head. The heart of the story is centered around the ongoing and well-covered protests happening in Hong Kong. To date, the Chinese government has threatened militia force, mobilized forces and has flexed more than once to combat the protestors in Hong Kong. What happened just recently, however, was almost impossible to see coming. As one report told it, citing China’s State Paper the People’s Daily, the protest was described as a “form of warfare employed by the West to destabilize certain countries.”

Where to begin?

Are they serious? At the farthest reaches, we dare think that this just might be another mounting act of aggression from someone looking to pick a fight. We hope not. The problem is, there is so little sanity in these accusations from motive and reason to the absence of plausibility. History has shown us that governments struggle, breakdown and fail. What we haven’t ever witnessed is governments destroying other governments and overtaking countries via protest. Perhaps the closest thing we have to that is in undeveloped countries without an established government or leadership framework.

That leads us to the other fact that can’t go without stating, which is that this must be the first time a country has blamed its own civil unrest in another country! It is one thing to say that Mikey was the one who brought the cake in from the refrigerator, to begin with… but this is blame-shifting on a world-wide scale! Wait, there is more to this grand conspiracy theory as our aforementioned story goes on to report. Citing the State Media once again, the story said that China’s evidence for these claims is that government officials from Russia “accused the US and its allies of engineering revolutions and uprisings in key areas around the world to destabilize governments and replace existing regimes to gain power and resources.”

Well then, that pretty much settles it because if Russian officials said it then it must be true! The United States should just go ahead and confess to promoting, planting, planning and orchestrating the collapse of China’s society (as if they need our help) so we can then take over China. What? Yes, you are absolutely right, none of that makes any sense.

Still, this is the story and those are actual accusations being made by their government. The fact that the government-obedient paper the People’s Daily is purporting this news (or information) also sets up a scary scenario. Even here at home, we suffer from a biased and agenda-oriented press and their influence on the public. So what do you think is happening over there… exactly.

All of this leads us back to the original question. Why? Why are they saying such slanderous and ludicrous things? What crazy confused conspiracy theorist is running that country? Maybe China is looking for a scapegoat because the Chinese leadership really does have a conscience after all. Perhaps they just feel guilty for using police force against pro-democrat protestors? It could be that we are the scapegoat they have chosen.

Otherwise, the reasoning behind such claims is either scary or ridiculous. Almost as funny China taking blame-shifting to a whole new level! President Trump has been stern, to say the least, in his dealings with China and it may make even more sense now as to why. The foreign ministry spokeswoman for China even claims that our CIA orchestrated protests in Hong Kong.

Sure, It is funny, to a point. Then again, when does it stop being funny and become something more serious?

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