CNN Guest Accuses Trump of Being a ‘Cult Leader’

There have been many far-fetched ideas and silly notions about President Trump during his Presidency, but this one might take the cake. It might also be some very troubling news for anyone, and we mean anyone who is a supporter of President Donald J. Trump. At least that is if you believe the news (using the term lightly in this instance) from a recent CNN program.

Steve Hassan, considered a leading “cult” authority, spoke as a guest on a CNN program about the President, and you guessed it, cults. Now, the first and most obvious question is what do cults have to do with President Trump, or why is an expert on cults discussing the President. This is where that bad news comes into the picture because according to Hassan, this is all about you too.

According to this cult authority, supporters of Trump may, however unwittingly, be a part of a Trump cult. As our story reported, Hassan said that the President shows traits and characteristics that make define him as a “cult leader.”

Then the guest speaker went on to quote some of the terms (Hassan referred to them as “cliches”) that the President uses, such as, “fake news,” “build the wall” and “Make America Great Again” which somehow, according to the aforementioned expert, is a sort of “mind control.” Yes, that means some type of mystical and mysterious mind control President Trump exerts over you if you are a supporter and follower.

It gets better.

The host of the program, Brian Stelter, asked his guest if it was possible to prove that Trump was a cult leader. Based on the story, Hassan responded by saying, “so we can start with the pathological lying, which is characteristic of destructive cult leaders. Saying things in a very confident way that have nothing to do with facts or truthfulness… shunning and kicking out anyone who raises questions or concerns about his own behavior. His use of fear-mongering, immigration is a horrible thing.”

Then Hassan compared Trump to other known cult leaders regarding the President’s relationship with the press saying, “Freedom of the press is absolutely vital for a healthy country. And anyone like him that says the press is the enemy of the people, that’s what Hubbard would say. That’s what Moon said. That’s what LaRouche said… why? Because they’re demagogues.”

Now it all makes sense, right? It isn’t that the left-led mainstream media and agenda-run press outlets have been on a proven anti-Trump campaign. It is because he is a cult leader, that’s why he speaks out regarding the mainstream media.

Stelter, next and almost as if they were doing some type of stomp-on-Trump dance together, offered another leading question to his guest. This time, about how to break the hold of such cult leaders, like Trump. Of course, Hassan had an answer: “The first step with anyone who’s a true believer is contact with people that are outside the bubble. Cult leaders want to isolate their people.”

Should we talk about isolating an entire country of Trump supporters, or the national forum a President has? Isolation? Do we start with who are those “outside the bubble.” In this case, wouldn’t that be the Left, the Dems, and those on the other side of the aisle (a.k.a political suicide), would that be those outside the bubble?

There was more, but it was just more of the same. That is of course unless we are being mind-controlled as we speak? It is possible, isn’t it? To this, our story said, or asked, “…apparently anyone who supports President Trump is now brainwashed and part of a cult? Apparently, anyone who was tired of the typical liberal mainstream news media feeding their propaganda is suddenly brainwashed. Oh, and wanting good-paying jobs, a low unemployment rate and a booming economy is a bad thing?”

So the next time someone gives you grief for being a Trump supporter, you can simply tell them it isn’t your fault, you were mind-controlled by a cult leader – who just happens to be the President of the United States. Sure, that sounds reasonable.


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