Democrat Party Begins Actively Firing White People for Their Race

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has just committed an act of racist employment discrimination that is so blatant, it should shock you. It should shock everyone. What the DCCC just did is illegal as hell: They fired six high-level staff members for nothing more than the color of their skin. The employees didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, they were excelling at their jobs. The only reason why they were fired and escorted out of the building is because of the color of their skin. They were all “too white” to be running an organization that is supposed to represent the diversity cult of the modern Democrat Party.

Before we get into the mass purge of whites at the House Democrats’ fundraising organization, here’s some background.

The DCCC has actually been on a tear for the past year. Setting partisanship aside for a moment, the DCCC has been going like gangbusters in terms of fundraising and getting out the vote in 2018. The group put Nancy Pelosi back in the House Speaker’s office because the DCCC out-hustled its counterpart, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).

At the end of July 2019, the DCCC just posted its most profitable fiscal second quarter in its entire history. Their July 2019 fundraising haul was THREE TIMES higher than its previous monthly fundraising record. The group raised $19.7 million that month, while its previous all-time fundraising record was $6.7 million in a single month.

Fundraising for most Democrat organizations has fallen off a cliff in the past year, primarily because the Democrats have made Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Ilhan Omar (D-MI) the new faces of the Party. They generate a lot of headlines, but for suburban white Democrat voters, the two radical freshmen are actually repulsive. No one in America aside from the tiny demographic sliver of college professors and millennial SJWs actually wants socialism in America. Most Democrat voters find Omar and Ocasio-Cortez to be slightly less appealing than flesh-eating bacteria. As a consequence, Democrat fundraising has taken a major hit – but not at the DCCC.

The DCCC chose a woman named Alison Jaslow to be its public face for the donors. Ms. Jaslow is a white lesbian and an Iraq war veteran. She’s a committed Democrat, but she’s not an insane “woke” social justice lunatic who thinks it’s a good idea for the government to confiscate your house and pay you a Universal Basic Income while you live in a cardboard box. She was very appealing to Democrat voters, as evidenced by the record fundraising streak that she and her team orchestrated.

But there was a problem with Ms. Jaslow – her pesky skin color. Here’s what a spokesman for Ocasio-Cortez and Omar told the New York Times: “For the Democratic Party to lack diversity in any way in the year 2019 is unacceptable.”


You may have thought that Alison Jaslow’s lesbianism would be a shield against the Democrat Party’s racist identity politics. You would be wrong. Alison Jaslow is a lesbian, but she is the wrong color of lesbian to represent the Democrat Party.

Jaslow was fired and booted out of the DCCC last week, despite being the most successful employee in the organization of all time. Five additional white employees were fired before the end of the week. None of them had been accused of actually doing anything wrong. They weren’t embezzling funds from the DCCC or running around groping employees like Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein. They weren’t accused of running a hostile workplace environment. They simply had the wrong skin color.

Rumor has it that the chair of the DCCC, Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL) has her head on the chopping block next. Mrs. Bustos is married to a Hispanic man and has three biracial children with him. She’s also the architect of the DCCC’s successful 2018-2019 fundraising run. But Mrs. Bustos is white, and that is intolerable for the diversity cult that has captured control of the Democrat Party.

This should be terrifying to everyday Americans. The Democrat Party is firing people based solely on their skin color, but the Department of Justice is not kicking down the door and arresting the perpetrators. Anti-white racism has taken hold in America and apparently, it is perfectly acceptable in the eyes of the federal government.

Meanwhile, the racist shakeup at the DCCC is great news for conservatives. By this time next year, the DCCC’s fundraising will have cratered worse than CNN’s ratings, several “diverse” employees will have been arrested for embezzlement and Republicans will easily retake control of the House.

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