Democrats Are Hoarding Campaign Dollars To Maintain House Control In 2020

There’s a major financial battle taking place in anticipation of the 2020 elections. The Dems are doing everything that they can in order to maintain their 19-seat majority in the House. The amount of cash being raised by the Dems is considerable – and it’s being hoarded for their elections.

According to reports from the Federal Election Commission, a significant amount of cash is being stockpiled. Republicans are not going to go quietly, however. They are gearing up in order to properly challenge the Dems for their seats in order to gain majority once again.

Vulnerable Democrats on Capitol Hill
There are a number of Democrats who are feeling quite vulnerable on their seat. A total of 31 Dems in the House are at risk of losing their seat in the 2020 elections. In combined efforts, $500,000 has been raised within the second quarter, showing that they’re getting the impressive numbers to effectively compete.

According to strategists, the numbers are more impressive than many had hoped for. Especially with so many presidential candidates vying for donor money, it’s shocking that they can get the money that they can. With their efforts doubling and tripling, it shows just how concerned they are that they could lose the House control in 2020, which would be devastating for the progressives.

There are a number of freshmen who are on the hot seat, especially when 26 of them sit in districts where Trump was elected in 2016. This means that if the district continues to feel as though Trump is doing a good job in the office, they’ll give the vote to a Republican over a Democrat. There may not be enough fundraising in the world to combat that – especially since voters see the friendly “D” and “R” next to a person’s name to remind them of their party affiliation.

Donations are Coming in
ActBlue is the online fundraising platform that is nearly universally for Democratic candidates. In the first six months of 2019, $420 million of donations have come through to various campaigns and organizations. This includes presidential campaigns as well as for those in the House.

The Republicans are acknowledging that the fundraising efforts are strong. However, much of the money is going to Democratic presidential candidates who aren’t going to make it all the way through the primaries. Additionally, they won’t get the DNC nod or be able to go up against Trump on the presidential ballot. The remaining funds are going to the House.

Realistically, the donations are coming in, but it may not be enough to deal with Republicans who aren’t making a mockery out of America on Twitter and who are focusing on the real issues instead of spending all of their time making petty comments about the president.

Bob Salera, a spokesperson for the National Republican Congressional Committee, also explains that the reason why some of the Dems are getting the funds that they are is that donors know how hard it is for them to win the elections. With more money, more exposure is bought. Sometimes, it is just about remembering a name when the people go to vote. The person who sends out the most postcards and has the most air time is the winner, which means that it doesn’t always come down to the issues. That’s evident based on how multiple dead people were elected to office in 2018 because people didn’t even know who they were.

Republicans Still Hold a Threat
The fundraising may be there, but the Republicans are the real threat, not where the money is going to come from. There have been plenty of Republicans who have had significant fundraising efforts, some raising over $500,000 on their own. Republicans are not planning on going away quietly. The Patriot Program is also committed to helping the Republicans who need to regain a seat. This is a program funded by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

The Democrats can stockpile all of the funds that they have in order to maintain hold of their seats. The reality is that too many Dems have embarrassed the country. They’re loud, they speak without thinking, and they’re causing a rift across all of Capitol Hill. All of the funds in the world aren’t going to matter when they have the “D” next to their name to identify that they’re a Democrat. Voters in today’s world need to go with a sure thing, which means voting Republican. The Dems have only proved that they’re a party of loose cannons.

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