Democrats Aren’t Doing Anything to Fix Immigration Issues

As the month comes to an end, the numbers are beginning to be calculated about issues going on at America’s southern border. And while the number of immigrants being detained has dropped considerably from those in May, the situation is not much better and still in need of urgent assistance from the government.

And while Democrats continue ranting about the poor, overcrowded conditions in detainee facilities, they are unwilling to do anything about it, showing just how two-faced they are.

On the one hand, they seem to make every effort to want to change the situation, even making trips down to immigration ports to view the conditions for themselves. They take pictures and write memos describing the lack of supplies, space, and personnel and post these, blaming President Donald Trump and his war on immigration for everything.

However, when they get back to Washington, they do nothing about it but complain. They are unwilling to give more funding, unreceptive to changes in immigration policy, and what it is even worse, they protect those coming in illegally more than they do their own countrymen and women.

How insidious!

And they are running out of time.

In less than a week, Congress will leave the capitol for a month-long August recess. To amend at least some of the problems currently attributing to the border crisis, Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham held a markup session on Thursday on a recent bill he proposed to close up some asylum loopholes.

But like always, his Democratic counterparts didn’t even show up to the discussion, proving once more that they simply don’t care about the crisis. In a statement from his office released on Thursday afternoon, “only one Senate Judiciary Committee Democrat, the ranking member Dianne Feinstein (D-California), showed up to the Committee meeting to consider legislation.”

“Under Committee rules, business cannot be transacted unless there are two members present from the minority. The Democrats’ refusal to attend is designed to prevent the legislation from coming to a vote in the committee.”

However, Graham is not giving up. According to the statement, he plans to bring the matter up again next week and has every intention of forcing a vote.

He said, “I was informed that Senator Feinstein would be the only Democrat at today’s meeting.” And that, “Despite this attempted delay, we will vote on this legislation next week.”

He went on to say, “Somebody is going to lead around here to change the laws and it will be this Committee.” He states, “I am not looking for a political solution. I’m looking for a real solution.”

And the problem is not just in the Senate.

In the House last week, Republicans finally had enough of the delays and excuses of their Democratic colleagues. At a Thursday hearing for House Judiciary Committee titled “Oversight of Family Separation and US Customs and Border Protection, Republican Doug Collins vented his frustrations over their delays. The Committee’s ranking member refused to read his opening statement, choosing to jump right into the issue.

He ripped his colleagues, saying, “You know what is dehumanizing? Continuing to bring the same witnesses or the same people from the same agencies to talk about this over and over and over again.” And he added, “What’s dehumanizing is doing that and not doing anything about it.”

However, that is all the Democrats seem to have in mind. While liberal members of Congress have time to take selfies with migrant children at the border and post tweets that accuse our president of being racist and “inhumane,” the actual problem is only worsening.

Border Patrol agents are working round the clock to stem not only the flow of migrants but also drugs and criminals convicted of outstanding crimes.

Such as the 88 aliens that were arrested on the 23rd, several with violent criminal records. Or the 190 pounds of meth found in a bus’ fuel tank. Or the $6.6 million worth of narcotics found on the 22nd. And then there the human smuggler found with 33 people packed and locked into his truck trailer.

These are just a few of the many incidents that occur at the southern border every day amid thousands of others. This is truly a crisis, and something needs to be done. Democrats better step up or be run over; change must happen, with or without them.

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