Democrats Fear Facebook Ads Now

We all know the truth about Democrats by now. It is only a matter of who accepts the fact. Democrats themselves cannot take it, so they are fighting Facebook over the ads posted on Social Media. There is no way anyone can determine what is real or fake when it comes to news outlets or social media. Everything has been so corrupted over the last few years by the Democrat-controlled media, they cannot even follow their own stories or ads.  Now, they are getting a taste of their own medicine from Facebook, and it is hilarious because they cannot stand it!

The old saying, “What goes around, comes around,” is playing a full effect as we come full circle.  For years things have gotten worse on the lies the Left spreads about Conservatives and people of good morals and values.  Now, the lies are about them from social media.  Or is it lies?  Not likely!  It is the truth coming out from people who are waking up to the fact we are tired of these games and demand the corruption to end.  The Democrats call it lies when the truth comes forward, but there is no evidence to back up that claim that is false.  When they spread their hate-filled words about us, we have the evidence to prove they lie and prove them wrong.

The ads that come out about Democrats are making them furious, and the U.S. Democratic National Committee wrote a letter to one of the top officials for Facebook named Sheryl Sandberg.  Facebook took the criticism from regulators and lawmakers into consideration and reviewed their policies when it comes to fact-checking the ads which politicians pay for in their post.  The fact-check was in place at first but would stop Democrats from posting their ads because they were false.

Yes, there were a few from Conservatives but not as many as the Left posted.  It’s all politics, so there will always be slander from both sides.  It just backfired on the Left.  Now Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg removed the fact-checking system because he claims it conflicts with the freedom of political speech.

Even though Democrats took the hit of most of the fact-checking system, they are still pushing for Facebook to keep it in place.  In the letter the U.S. Democratic Party’s administrative and fundraising body sent to Sandberg, they were still crying for more transparency.

The letter stated, “…we have significant remaining concerns about Facebook policies that allow the platform to be used to spread misinformation and undermine our democracy.”  They feel there was not enough emphasis on stopping Conservatives and claimed their ads were misleading.  It continued, “Considering Facebook’s enormous financial resources and the stakes of the upcoming elections, we’d ask that you dedicate additional capacity to enforce your terms of service against these types of malicious actors.”

There was more clarification calling to mind the meeting that happened last month between the Democrats and Facebook.  Facebook did not respond to reporters immediately.  Maybe, they are just as tired of the Democrats as we are.

Recently, Facebook has been attacked with criticism due to the failure in the Privacy Act, where personal information was released by the millions of users.  Those issues were resolved for the most part, but the political ads for elections are of the dominance online.  The calls were made to add more regulations and to add anti-trust investigations to the platform.  But it was only the Democrats crying for this.

Of all the social media, Facebook is dominating when it comes to placing ads.  Twitter runs a close second in the race.  People can interact with one another, and it usually ends up with bad-mouthing one another on who is right and who is wrong.  Those with common sense know the Democrats and the snowflakes are wrong.  Liberals cry when they do not get their way.  It is evident, the world’s largest platform carries a multitude of idiots.  Thank goodness for the Conservatives who still remain online.

The ads which were exposed by Facebook as being false mostly dealt with the impeachment proceedings.  Gee… wonder why?  Maybe, because the Facebook system is smarter than the Left.  It is also today’s hottest topic in which most people are sick of hearing.  Once the lies were uncovered in the fact-checking system exposing the Democrats, they had to act fast because Conservative ads were going untouched.  Not to mention, the ads are still going strong, and so are America’s finest!

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