Democrats Purge Whites from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has purged a large group of white staffers in a move to make the organization designed to elect more Democrats to the House more “diverse.”

The Hill relates what has come to be called the “Monday Night Massacre.”

“The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) saw a mass departure of senior staff late Monday amid outcry over the lack of diversity within the committee’s top ranks under Chairwoman Cheri Bustos (D-Ill.).

“Communications director Jared Smith, political director Molly Ritner, deputy executive director Nick Pancrazio, top communications aide Melissa Miller and the committee’s diversity director Van Ornelas all resigned by Monday evening.

“The exits come on the heels of the resignation of the committee’s executive director, Allison Jaslow, which she announced at an all-staff meeting earlier on Monday.”

The purge took place as a result of demands by black and Hispanic lawmakers. However, the move has thrown the DCCC into chaos just as the 2020 election cycle is starting up, with fundraising and candidate recruitment high priorities. The Democratic control of the House is in doubt, thanks to infighting between moderates, the far left, including the so-called “Squad” led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The irony is that up until the purge occurred, the DCCC had been outperforming its Republican counterpart in fundraising. The record is in stark contrast to the Democratic National Committee, which has fallen down on the all-important job of getting as much of the “mother’s milk of politics” as possible.

Also, 13 of the 27 committee members were nonwhite, as the Washington Examiner noted. However, in the name of diversity, a bunch of staffers was given the royal order of the boot, not for lack of performance, but because of the color of their skin.

Dr. Martin Luther King, where are you when we need you?

Hot Air jokingly suggest that the mass, racially-based firings had to be the result of a Republican plot. The firings are very likely to result in some lawsuits, which is going to distract the work of the DCCC for months, perhaps years. More chaos is bound to develop:

“With a massive change of executives in the middle of that campaign, the DCCC will find its operations disrupted for at least a little while. This many top-level departures can’t help but disrupt operations, as everyone now has to wait and see what the new leaders want to do instead. And who will fill those roles? The pool of replacements for those positions might be fairly shallow at this point in the cycle, too, since many of the people who would qualify may already be working on presidential, senatorial, and House races. This could take a while just to settle the new org chart, let alone to reset strategies and operations. This could set the DCCC back a few months or more at the time when they need to be building momentum.”

The trick, of course, will for the National Republican Congressional Committee to take advantage of the DCCC’s self-inflicted wound and close the fund-raising gap and get some new candidates in place to run for some Democratic-held House seats. That gap is $17 million for the first half if 2019. The gap has not stopped a spokesperson for the NRCC from making a jibe at the expense of the Democrats. According to the Washington Examiner, Michael McAdams said, “Mutiny underway at Cheri Bustos’ DCCC. What a disaster for House Democrats.”

The Examiner also suggested that the uproar has caused doubts about the Democrats’ ability to govern if given total power next year. The idea is that if the party can cause itself endless headaches in one of its political organizations by sacrificing competence for diversity, what would they do to the country if it wins the presidency and perhaps control of the Senate as well as the House.

While the Examiner suggested the possibility that all of this is a backroom intrigue about patronage jobs with a veneer of racial politics, the newspaper suggested that the Democrats are signaling that it is hostile to white people. The party has been consumed with accusations of racism levied against one another, such as when AOC accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of dissing women of color.

Pundits wonder if the throwing away of what still remains the largest voting bloc in America bodes ill for the success of the Democratic Party going forward, especially if Republicans start eating into the left’s control over minority voters.

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