Dems Look To Cut Recess Short (And Possibly Get Real Work Done)

The Dems have been busy, but not in the way that the American people need. Much of their time on Capitol Hill has been spent tweeting blasphemy about Trump and debating whether to impeach.

Now, it looks like they might be ready to actually roll up their sleeves and do some work. It only took two mass shootings to occur back to back in order to discuss cutting recess short.

Pelosi’s Exploring Cutting Recess Short

Nancy Pelosi has said that she’s prepared to call the chamber back into session should the Senate actually pass the bipartisan legislation for the gun background checks. She’s already been in talks with Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer about what the Senate is doing. They’re focusing on putting pressure on Mitch McConnell so that they can take the necessary action.

The recess is supposed to last through the month of August, which is a break that normally takes place. However, Pelosi has decided that it will be necessary to have everyone present in order to focus on the bill that’s been passed through the House.

If the Senate is called back in order to bass HR8 (the Bipartisan Background Check) as well as HR 112 (Enhanced Background Checks Act), it will enable these laws to go into action since the House already passed both of these back in February.

Having the House present will make it easier to take action if the Senate sends back an amended bill, too. From there, Pelosi has promised to make updates to the American people using tele-Town Halls as well as Pro-forma sessions.

The Proposed Gun Laws

There are a few gun laws that are pending right now. HR8 was created by the House Judiciary Committee, sponsored by Mike Thompson (D-CA). It ensures that there are background check requirements to take place on firearm transfers between private (unlicensed) parties. This would prohibit firearm transfers between private parties unless first obtained by a licensed manufacturer or gun dealer. This would not apply to certain transfers, such as a gift between spouses.

There’s also HR112, which would prevent the CIA from using unmanned aerial vehicles to carry out lethal weapon strikes.

It’s anticipated that HR8 is going to be signed by the Senate, though it’s not clear yet as to whether they are going to make any amendments that would prevent the House from agreeing with it.

Bipartisanship Stems from Tragedy

It shouldn’t take mass shootings and innocent Americans dying in order to get bipartisan activity on Capitol Hill. Yet, that’s exactly what it took for everyone to start working together.

Instead of vile comments being spewed from AOC and other vocal Dems, they can use their influence for better. If they don’t want a divided America, they have to walk the walk and talk the talk. Otherwise, the mentally ill are going to emulate what they see from their politicians.

The new gun laws, if they go into effect, don’t necessarily stop mass shootings, either. It simply makes it illegal for people to acquire guns without going through the necessary means. This means that, even if Congress goes back into session early, there still needs to be laws enacted to protect future mass murders from happening. While America sits in wait to determine if Congress will go back in session, Trump is exploring taking executive action regarding certain laws in order to bypass Congress altogether.

Seeing the bipartisan activity shows that there is some hope for the Democrats and the Republicans. What needs to happen, however, is for the freshman Dems to stay off of Twitter long enough to actually do their job. They’ve been so focused on pointing the finger that they haven’t realized that they’re to blame for why the nation feels so divided.

Everyone in the House and Senate was elected in order to make sure the voice of the American people was heard – and it’s time they do that. The people have spoken – they don’t want any more mass murders. They don’t want people being gunned down in places where they should feel safe.

Republican, Democrat, white, black Hispanic – it doesn’t matter. Everyone wants to feel safe in the country and that’s not how people feel right now. This means it’s up to elected officials to do their job and actually enact laws in order to protect its citizens. The bickering may be coming to an end (finally) and the Dems will have to cut their vacation short in order to do the job they should have been doing all along.

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