Dems Say Republicans Are “Stonewalling” the House

President Trump is not afraid to fight back. The  Democrats are once again trying to get documents that they are not supposed to have. This time they have renewed their fight to obtain the Mueller report. They asked a liberal court judge to force the president to hand over the report. Of course, the judge was more than happy to assist the evil Democrats. Beryl Howell is the judge’s name. She is an Obama nominee, so she is more than willing to fight for the accursed cause of the Democrats.

The Justice Department was not far behind when they asked the judge to delay her order while the appeal of the decision is pending in the higher courts. Of which she was not happy to comply or work with the Justice Departments’ request. She orders the White House to turn over the report by the following Wednesday. Some people have come to believe that the order of the judge is the reason to believe that impeachment is a valid concern. But in all reality just because a liberal judge speaks does not mean anything has been validated.

The  Democrats still are holding onto the hope that something will be found to show the world that President Trump is dangerous. All President Trump has done is look out for the people of the United States. He has stood on the side of the people when the Democrats would sell out their mother for a dollar. The stupidity of the Democrats makes every person sick to their stomachs. Every time they open their mouths to speak lies come gushing forth like a geyser.

The Democrats cannot have the type of report that they are wanting because it will violate secret material. The secret grand jury that was used would be exposed and would trouble all other investigations that are currently taking place. Had the stupid Democrats been working with the Republicans they would have known about the other investigations and would not have made such a request.

Once again the  Democrats have issued their subpoena’s believing them to be law. This shows that the  Democrats believe that their words are holy and to be obeyed. They give no reason for people to trust them. They constantly lie their way through events and seek people that they can harm to get what they want out of them. They do not care about people the way the Republicans and the president do. They only have their selfish desires in mind as they operate behind the scenes seeking their wealth.

The Justice Department pointed out that “A stay is warranted because, without a stay, the department will be irreparably harmed. Once that information is disclosed, it cannot be recalled, and the confidentiality of the grand jury information will be lost for all time.” The entire situation has been taking to the United States Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia. There it will be decided what will be done with the report. The big obstacle is the grand jury information. That information can never be released for the sake of security.

The response that Howell gave was just like every other rant that the stupid Democrats give towards the Republicans. She went on to say that they were “stonewalling” the House and that the president was not working well with them. Of course, every good liberal is quick to point out that all the fault lies with the president and not their actions.

The Democrats are fighting dirty and lying their way through it all. They have gotten some of their corrupt judges to join them in fighting the president. But President Trump is not afraid to fight back. He will do what is right and will keep those involved safe from the sad attempts of the Democrats to hurt innocent people. The Republicans and the Justice Department are very sure that the court will rule in their favor. The House has not shown a true cause as to the reason why they need the report in the first place.

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