Dick’s Sporting Goods Firearms Ban May Cost the Company More than Money

Gun owners, gun store owners, pro-gun, and 2nd Amendment supporters have been under attack for what seems like forever. With the rise of the internet and all things social networking, those attacks have been daunting. To hear the news from mainstream media, and the major press outlets, the days of gun ownership are numbered.

No doubt, even the leading advocates for gun rights and organizations like the NRA have had some concern. It can be argued that this concern regarding the loss of our gun rights is more illusion than reality. It can also be argued that it is not!

Those who have lost sleep over the possibility of losing gun ownership rights have a valid argument. The bans, restrictions, regulations, and increasing number of hoops required to jump through that have been imposed on gun and gun store owners have been relentless. Despite the greatest hopes of some, however, the actual threat of losing our firearms hasn’t yet broached reality. So “hell yes” they can try to come and take our guns but we aren’t giving them up!

One of the reasons why gun rights supporters can still feel secure with the protection of their 2nd Amendment rights is because they have a friend in President Trump. Without stepping on one side of the fence or the other, the President has vowed that he will make sure that gun-rights supporters have a voice. Which is one of the reasons why the fear of losing gun rights is as much an illusion as it is a real threat.

Mainstream media and the Left-controlled major press outlets have bent, twisted, framed, and painted skewed pictures about guns, gun violence, and the success of gun-control supporters. According to these voices – on the television, on the internet, on social media platforms, and in the press – it’s just a matter of time before there won’t be anything more dangerous than BB guns in the hands of American citizens.

The other major factor that helps to create this illusion is volume. Simply put, pro-gun rights folks just aren’t as loud as those trying to take them from us. They not only have the advantage of a biased media and press, but they are also louder and more boisterous. They are constantly holding conferences, rallies, and lobbying for support. As one recent story shared though, gun owners and gun-rights supporters can speak loudly too, without ever raising their voice.

One business has already heard the voice of gun owners and they have yet to raise their voice. The aforementioned story began by reminding us that “after the Parkland shooting, Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack made a very big show of being a pro-gun control advocate by announcing that he refused to sell any more AR-15’s from his stores. He even began launching campaigns to promote AR-15 bans.”

That move, according to the story who cited the CEO himself reported that it cost the business “about a quarter of a billion… .” As in dollars, as in millions of dollars. How much press coverage and how many storylines does that kind of money cover? And now Stack may be too far in to reverse his course, but there may be a time when he has no other options. This move has the real potential to close the doors of Dick’s Sporting Goods, not like the gun control illusion.

Stack was also cited in the story saying that “the hunting category is a sizeable part of our business… .” That is one of the reasons Dick’s CEO has had to rethink his business. Perhaps in order to save his business. Our story closed by saying, “Stack has indicated that he’s thinking about pulling the company away from any gun sales whatsoever. How this will affect the company remains to be seen, but it’s likely that it won’t end well.”

Sometimes it isn’t how loudly you speak but when and how you choose to speak. Gun owners and gun-rights supporters alongside 2nd Amendment defenders have spoken. How loudly? They didn’t raise their voices but it was still deafening enough to cripple one business.

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