Disgusting Judge Busted on Misconduct Allegations

Normally judges are supposed to make rulings that are consistent with established law. They are supposed to be able to put their personal feelings aside and make unbiased decisions in the cases that they oversee. But recently, a judge in Kentucky, Judge Dawn Gentry, went off the deep end emotionally and rationally and decided to violate everything that it means to be a judge in America. She embarrassed the court and everyone working that day when went off the deep end and made sexual advances and was in violation of other behavioral issues. 

At some level, judges need to portray a certain level of professionalism. They are by right a public official that is tasked by the people to do a heavy job. But Dawn Gentry is guilty of nine different charges ranging from administration issues to physical advancement towards other people. One report stated that she had made “inappropriate sexual advances, trading jobs for donations to her campaign, using a legal panel for campaign work, retaliating against employees and attorneys, keeping false timesheets, and allowing guitars to be played in the office and her employees to consume alcohol.” The person that complained about her has decided to remain anonymous for apparent reasons. 

The actions of this wacky judge remain in question as motive is being looked into. Official charges were only pressed after a formal investigation into the matters she was accused of. Of. One person, who was a member of the panel, named Katherine Schultz, stated that “Gentry flirted with her through Snapchat, and asked her if she would have sex with Gentry’s husband.” What drove Gentry to act in this manner is not known. Gentry was very selective as to who she would allow serving on the panel. Schultz was also approached to join some kind of sex group the local minister and other people of the community. Once Schultz decided to take a stand Gentry decided to cut her out of the picture. The group that she was trying to create was nasty and highly unprofessional. 

Mike Hummel, who is an attorney that worked on the panel, stated that he was let go because he was not donating money to the judge’s campaign. The list of people that Gentry intimidated and hurt goes deep. The old saying “power corrupts” truly is descriptive of Gentry. When a judge abuses their power, they make all of them look bad. One person stated that “This isn’t just little bulls— that happens behind the scenes in every county. This is someone abusing power to affect the lives of others.” No wonder many private citizens have learned not to trust judges. A judge’s reputation is known throughout the community. Even is Gentry is proven to be innocent of all charges, she will have a reputation in the community as an untrustworthy person.

What is even worse is the fact that most liberal federal judges rule with their feelings instead of their head. Every time a political matter comes up that the damaging Democrats hate they take it to the courts. The liberal judges corruptly get involved and stop actions from taking place. Usually, the matter ends up at the Supreme Court where one would hope is dealt with fairly. The liberal judges of America are hurting the country and the only thing that can be done is to replace them with conservative and honest people as the position comes available. For now, liberal judges are being kept in line by a conservative Supreme Court.

In a way, the judge is denying the charges that are being placed on her. She denies that she never did any of the things that are being said about her. Judges are held to an extremely high standard. Any deviation from that standard means their removal from the bench. But the damage is done. Even if the accusations prove to be false she will not be able to reliably return to her position because of the public exposure. Should the accusations prove correct she will spend a long time in prison for her actions towards other people.

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