Does the Biden Administration Really Need to Pay Guards to Give Out COVID Shots?

The Biden administration has proven that they know how to do one thing: spend taxpayer dollars like there’s no tomorrow.

The military has been getting paid to give out COVID vaccines. It’s been one of President Biden’s ways to get as many vaccines out to Americans as possible – and as quickly as possible.

The last of the active-duty troops have finally been pulled from the FEMA project. The many mass vaccination sites are shutting down because there are simply not enough Americans looking to get jabbed as there were back in February and March.

The National Guard, however, is still on duty.

After over 5 million vaccines have been distributed with the help of military troops since February 4, the active-duty support has been returned to their bases. However, help is still needed – so the National Guard is being asked to stay on.

This is yet another way that the Biden administration is spending money where it’s not necessary. They’ve been abusing the National Guard since the inauguration – and it’s too much money.

The troops within the National Guard work regular jobs. They only report to duty on the weekends and when they’re called to serve. This means that because President Biden along with Defense Secretary Austin won’t accept that vaccine demand has tapered, troops are being kept from their families and their jobs for longer than what is necessary.

There are plenty of out-of-work Americans around the country. It would be easy to staff COVID sites that are still seeing demand without relying on the National Guard.

By using local Americans who are in need of an honest paycheck instead of an unemployment handout, it could save the country millions. After all, most of the National Guard don’t live close to the COVID sites they’ve been deployed to, which means that the government is picking up the tab on housing and meal allowances, too.

Now, it’s not just the federal government that’s chosen to use and abuse the National Guard. Many of the vaccination sites have transitioned to state or local control. Yet, they still have the troops running the sites as opposed to hiring local Americans who are in need of a job.

According to a spokesperson for the National Guard Bureau, Wayne Hall, there are still over 2,000 troops supporting their states. Another 10,000 or so provide administrative and logistical support to help with the vaccination efforts.

During the federal mass vaccination, there were over 12,000 Guard troops deployed across 45 states and territories.

Considering that the need for boosters has not yet been identified, even though Dr. Fauci has threatened it, there’s no need for so many vaccination sites. It’s easy to walk into virtually any grocery store or pharmacy in the nation and get a COVID shot on site.

The need to use the military troops, Guard or otherwise, is over.

However, the federal and state governments love to spend money. They want to prove that they’re doing everything they can to get people vaccinated so that we can put COVID-19 behind us all.

What good is all the money being spent if there aren’t Americans lined up around the block to get vaccinated, though?

Biden has no problem federally funding many of the vaccination sites under Title 32, offering the Guard troops pay and benefits similar to active-duty troops – and that authorization will be in place at least until September 30.

There’s better money to be spent.

Meanwhile, more people might be likely to get in line for a vaccine if they knew they could truly go maskless afterward. Although the federal government has agreed with the CDC recommendations, there are still plenty of federal agencies still demanding that a mask be worn regardless of vaccination status, including the TSA.

Biden will keep spending and keep ignoring science until someone puts a stop to it all. The money to pay troops isn’t coming out of his pocket, so what does he care?