Four Things In Common with Mass Shooters for Over 60 Years

The U.S. has funded its most extensive study on mass shooters ever performed in history.  These studies have proven there are four things all of the shooters have in common.  The Department of Justice is where the funds came from and covered all of the mass shootings where four or more people were killed in all public locations dating back to 1966.  These are the four findings that stood out the most deal with childhood trauma, a personal crisis, examples of their emotions, giving a roadmap to the timelines of the shootings.  The last one is what Democrats have been trying to punish all Americans by taking away the Second Amendment rights is the access to the guns used in the killings.

Each side has its own debate, whether Democrat or Republican.  One side clings to guns being the cause while Conservatives carry the more logical side, which is the mental stability of the shooter.  Jillian Peterson, who is a psychologist at Hamline University and the co-author of the study, stated, “Data is data.  Data isn’t political. Our hope is that it pushes these conversations further.”

The gatherings are from the Violence Project, which is an independent study dedicated to ending violence.  It was published less than a week after the recent shooting in California where two students, a boy, and a girl, were shot and killed in the school, and the gunman took his own life.  The information released is the most detailed database and up to date with the different mass shooters during the timeframe of August 1, 1966, to present.  The definition from the FBI of a “mass murder” is when four or more people are killed in one location, not counting the shooter.

The mass shootings are not something that has recently begun, and most of the shootings never make the news media.  A former Marine killed 15 people at the University of Texas in 1966, and this is where the researchers began their study because TV and radio both covered the story.  The study is over 53 years and involved 167 incidents.  Numbers were shown to rise 20 percent within the last five years, and the motives over the previous five years were recorded to be due to hatred toward race and religion.  Peterson pointed out the shooter’s personal crises and said, “Those are opportunities for prevention.”

The study shows there are five places of choice for mass shootings to occur, which was proven by the Violence Project.  Grammar Schools from K-12, Colleges, and universities, workplaces, places of worship, and commercial locations are the central records showing where shootings have taken place.

Hate is the central source of all of the shootings in some form or fashion.  The gun is not the reason for the killings.  There are multiple ways to slaughter innocent people without the use of guns. Still, the killers all have mental illnesses that provoke them to do these heinous acts of violence.  The studies were based on guns only because this is what Democrats want to be taken away from every citizen, and President Trump wants to use these studies to save the Second Amendment.

Mental instability is one of the critical factors in mass shootings because the numbers show 70 percent were suicidal before the shootings took place.  The number of depression is vast among Americans, but not everyone is going to shoot up a site.  High school students are at a higher rate of a percentage than other shooters.  For those with depression, Petterson says, “This shows us that there are opportunities for intervention.  This doesn’t just happen out of the blue.  We know a lot more about suicide prevention than we do about this issue, and we know what works, things like limiting access to weapons, directly asking the question, connecting people with outside resources, not talking about it in the news.”  When it comes to the young shooters with depression, the critical source goes back to bullying.  The other reason findings show fame was the factor.

The final outlook on the purchase of guns was there were only 13 percent who got a gun illegally through the black market or stealing.  The rest of the shooters were able to buy them off the market.  If there are to be any more crackdowns on these cases to lessen or even better to end them, mental illness must be taken into consideration.  This is what President Trump was stating from the beginning.

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