Gillibrand Attacks Guns and the NRA Responds with Flair

Thank God for groups like the NRA who are continually pro America and who consistently back our constitutional rights.

This week they really showed their worth by standing up and letting the world know just how two-faced and hypocritical the Left has become.

Senator and White House hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand has been traveling the country for weeks now spouting off about how the Right is responsible for recent mass shooting attacks and demanding that we as a nation eliminate guns from the equation. Her most recent speaking event happened in Iowa, where she spoke to the Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense Forum.

She said proudly, “(Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell) could call us back into Congress today. We could pass universal background checks today. We can ban assault weapons. We can ban large magazines. We can have a federal anti-trafficking law today.”

However, that isn’t about to fly with most of America and certainly doesn’t rank high on the NRA’s Top 10 favorite quotes of the year.

So they made sure America knows just how much of a compulsory liar Gillibrand is by releasing a letter that she had written to the NRA some 11 years earlier.

They tweeted the letter posing a question to her, “Wait… Did you also show them the love letter you wrote us?”

The letter’s contents speak of a completely different Senator, one that appreciates the right to bear and carry firearms for all citizens. She goes into detail about how limiting an individual’s rights to particular guns such as assault weapons, bullets sizes, and “large magazines” will do nothing to curb crime rates and will only serve to “curtain the Constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens.”

So the question is what changed during the past 11 years to give her such an entirely different view on gun rights?

Some would say it must be the increase in crime or at the very least recent events involving guns. However, if we compare the current crime rates involving guns to those of 11 years ago when the letter was written, we are given solid proof that the violent gun-related crimes happened much more often back then.

So that’s not it.

Former Vice President Joe Biden seems to have a good idea as to why this “change of heart” has taken place and we couldn’t agree more.

During the last debate, the two presidential candidates shared words or barbs. She questioned him on his stance on women in working outside the home and what it does to a family, asking, “What did you mean when you said when a woman works outside the home, it’s resulting in ‘the deterioration of family’?”

Now it seems that Biden could have really stuck his foot in his mouth by presumably saying what he did. And it could have been hard to dig himself out of that hole. However, his response to Gillibrand proved that her question had no merit, especially when she has been known to flip sides on other issues as well.

He said, “You came to Syracuse University with me and said it was wonderful” and that he was passionate about gender equality. And he continued with, “I don’t know what’s happened except that you’re now running for president.”

Right to the point and precisely on key, Mr. Biden.

She has indeed changed her viewpoints on several beliefs since entering the race. Gender equality and gun control are just a couple of those. She has also jumped on the bandwagon to eliminate private insurance in recent months, as well as get rid of the electoral college.

It seems she is willing to say anything at this point just to make herself known and continue her race. But it isn’t looking good. Before the NRA released her “love letter,” she stood with only .5% support in the Democratic polls.

And now, with groups like the NRA and Biden’s campaign calling her out on her insane level of desperateness, that number can only go down. As far as we are concerned, she might as well drop out now and save the little credibility she has left.

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