Gowdy Joins The Ranks Of Trump Impeachment Team

There’s an entire battle happening across Capitol Hill in order to help Pres. Donald Trump face the House impeachment inquiry. Trey Gowdy, the former representative from South Carolina has agreed to assist the White House.

Gowdy will be serving as outside counsel to Donald Trump. He once served as the chairman for the House oversight committee and supported a variety of investigations, including those involving Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi embassy terrorist attacks.

Gowdy served eight years in the House and chose not to run for reelection in 2018.

A number of former representatives and senators have been gathering in order to support Trump to battle the impeachment inquiry created by the House. Many Republicans are well aware that the Democrats are going for blood, especially as there are so many backhanded issues happening behind the scenes. Many question who the whistleblower is and whether their testimony can even be counted. Further, it seems as though Schiff is making things up at every turn.

Gowdy will be able to provide a significant amount of assistance as outside counsel because of being able to bring in his past experience with investigating politicians. His experience in the oversight committee will also help to shed light on how the proceedings will go and what the House will likely do with each piece of information that they receive.

Jay Sekulow, Trump’s personal lawyer, has been anticipating Gowdy becoming a member of the team – and made the announcement on Wednesday evening. Sekulow speaks highly of the former representative, identifying that his advocacy and legal skills will help Trump in a number of ways.

In addition to serving in the House, Gowdy was also a former prosecutor. He will likely be defending the president when the impeachment inquiry takes to the television.

Gowdy was a primary investigator within the to-yearlong investigation in the 2012 Libya attacks. It was one of the primary ways to investigate Hillary Clinton and Democrats heavily criticized the Republicans for doing it.

Gowdy is considered to be one of the last “missing links” to Trump’s legal team. Beyond that, it will not expand much more. Rudy Giuliani will remain on the team – and he has been at the center of the controversy regarding the phone call with the Ukrainian president as well.

Trump is also relying on Sekulow as well as a small group of lawyers with experience as federal prosecutors, ranging from the investigation conducted by special counsel Mueller as well as the Russian election interference.

Depending upon how everything goes in the House, the impeachment inquiry may also lead to a Senate trial. While Gowdy will be able to help in some areas, it may also require a lawyer who can participate in this – and has experience in such things. This would require the legal team to expand a little bit further as a way to protect the president and ensure that he is being properly represented against everything that the Democrats are throwing at him.

The news of Gowdy joining the team comes just as Fox News fired to the former representative as a contributor. It was only days after that he was tapped to join the outside counsel. Leaving Fox news ensures that it will not pose any kind of conflict of interest.

Gowdy has been extremely vocal when it comes to current house intelligence Chairman, Adam Schiff. He is the leader within the impeachment inquiry and has been targeting Trump for quite some time. Gowdy continues to accuse Schiff of treason because of all that he has done in order to set up the president. This includes holding onto information about the whistleblower for weeks before providing his committee with the information. He has also been seeking informants to come forward on Trump since the time that Trump first took office.

The whistleblower is expected to have a considerable political bias. Gowdy is also one of the first to point out that “bias kills investigations.” This means that it looks as though Gowdy is the right person to add to the team in order to not only prevent Trump from being impeached but also to show America who Schiff is.

Many Republicans have been calling for Schiff and Pelosi alike to be impeached and brought up on charges of treason.

There’s been a battle brewing between the Democrats and the Republicans for a while now, with Trump in the center of it all. With the impeachment proceedings getting closer and closer, Gowdy’s addition to the team came just in time.

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