Gross O’Rourke Shows How Classless He Really is in Presence of Children

It seems that the Dems have a bit of a problem with cursing in open forums. They are incapable of expressing themselves without dropping the f-bomb in social media and various speeches. There are many young people who tune in to the news and who look up to political candidates. For candidates who are so bold about wanting to shape America’s youth, they should really look at how they’re presenting themselves.

Beto O’Rourke talked about the mass shooting that just happened in Odessa, Texas – the second one in his home state for 2019. He talked about gun control legislation and said, “This is f—ed up.” O’Rourke fails to really talk about anything else, however. All he really does is drop the f-bomb and point some fingers, which is the same mistake that he made following the El Paso shooting.

In typical Dem fashion, he decides to tout a bunch of made-up statistics to CNN, stating that 100 are killed daily in the US from guns and that there are 300 mass shootings a year. He says that he “cannot accept” the kind of bloodshed that is happening in the US and that we need to be able to “speak clearly” and “act decisively.” However, he doesn’t really have a plan.

O’Rourke is pulling his typical stunts of talking a big game and, then, falling short. He should really pay attention to the writing on the wall and drop out of the race. Then, he could work on running in an area where he could make a difference – like in Congress or as governor. Instead, he’s going to continue running in an election where he’s constantly flailing. He sits at number seven or eight on a good day in the polls, which simply isn’t high enough at this point in time. But, if he ran for an office where he could get elected and could make an impact, he’d have nothing to complain about.

Dropping the f-bomb is all O’Rourke is good at when he’s talking to voters and his various supporters. Rather than waiting until the news had actually come out, O’Rourke said that he didn’t know how many gunmen there were or how many had been killed. He didn’t know the shooters’ motivation or even what firearms were used.

Rather than apologizing for his language, he has decided to run with it. He is completely fine with being “that guy” who monetizes being a potty mouth, despite claiming to be a role model. His campaign site now has t-shirts for sale that say “This is F—cked up” in all caps, six times followed by the words “End gun violence now.” That’s great, Beto. Way to cash in on cursing on your CNN tirade.

When O’Rourke went on CBS, he addressed the topic again. This time, he was able to do so without cursing. He wants everyone to follow the lead of the moms who demand action and of the students who are marching for their lives. He wants to make sure that kids don’t fear going to school. Great – so what’s your plan, Beto? Oh, that’s when we hear the crickets. Marching and demanding action are great to get eyes on the problem, but there has to be a solution.

Beto doesn’t have one of those, which is why he needs to stop cursing and let the real politicians take care of the problem. Congress is going back in session immediately following the Labor Day weekend. At the top of their to-do list is to talk about gun control, which includes stronger red flag laws. Those who are mentally ill and who have had criminal histories have no business owning guns – and this is something that both the Republicans and the Dems agree on for the most part.

Beto O’Rourke has talked in the past about getting rid of “assault-style” weapons without identifying what those are. However, the shooter in Odessa reportedly used a standard hunting-style rifle, something that isn’t considered an “assault-style” by anyone’s standards. However, he has had a criminal past, including public intoxication and shooting off his rifles at night. That, based on some of the new laws that would be passed, would prevent men such as him from having guns.

O’Rourke needs to stop cursing and get off of his high horse. He’s not going to be the next president because he doesn’t have enough support behind him – and won’t because he can’t seem to express condolences to those who have lost victims in the shootings. With Congress aware of the problem, O’Rourke needs to settle down.

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