Shameful: Senate Republicans Cave to the Leftwing Mob

2020 has been a year filled with culture war freak outs. While we are still trying to piece this insane year together, there are more [...]

Say What? Democrats Now Claim That Violent Riots and Brutal Violence Amid BLM Protests Actually Slowed Spread of COVID-19

While there are many who are worried about the potential spread of COVID-19, others seem to worry when it is convenient for them. The same [...]

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Religious Liberty and the Left Is Freaking Out

Espinoza vs. Montana Department of Revenue might not seem like a landmark legal battle on paper but trust us on this one. Fortunately for the [...]

Dems Finally Succeed in Silencing America Through Terror and Threats

Once Facebook started to lose advertisers, they decided that it was time to clamp down on the “hate speech” that is being blamed for their [...]

BLM Activists Murder Photographer During Protest in Louisville, Dems Keep Cheering On

Tyler Gerth was a 27 year old amateur photographer whose life has been tragically cut short. This young man was murdered in Louisville, Kentucky over [...]

Watch: Violent Leftwing Mob Beat Christians With Sticks and Bats While Dems Cheer On

Some of our readers may have already been aware of the prayer rally that was supposed to take place in St. Louis over the weekend. [...]

The Left’s Stupidity: Oregon Orders Everyone Must Wear Masks Except People of Color

All of the woke epidemiologists in America should have been proposing this idea from the get go. They were the ones who decided that mass [...]

Must See: Venezuelan Freedom Activist Warns Americans to Watch Out for Empty Promises

America has been experiencing a wave of vandalism over the past few weeks. Over 100 statues around the country have been torn down, as more [...]

CNN’s Hypocrisy After “Peaceful Protesters” Target Fake News

Once the George Floyd riots started to engulf the city of Atlanta, lots of people were forced to make some very difficult decisions. The rioters [...]

Dem’s Don’t Get It: Americans Overwhelmingly Prefer “All Lives Matter” Over Racist “Black Lives Matter”

The mainstream media has a way of corrupting certain conversations. If you were only watching these networks, you would think that the Black Lives Matter [...]

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