Dem’s Don’t Get It: Americans Overwhelmingly Prefer “All Lives Matter” Over Racist “Black Lives Matter”

The mainstream media has a way of corrupting certain conversations. If you were only watching these networks, you would think that the Black Lives Matter movement had complete and total support. In reality, there are a number of people who are fed up. They view the slogan as racist and many prefer “All Lives Matter” instead.

This is a story that is not being told by the mainstream because it goes against their leftist viewpoints. It’s been weeks now and the protests and riots are still going strong. The conversation is not going anywhere anytime soon. According to the polls, more Americans are more likely to support their own country. They are not looking to get in line with a movement that liberally quotes from Marx on a regular basis.

A Rasmussen survey was taken of at least 1,000 voters. The findings will definitely surprise anyone who is taking all of their cues from the mainstream media. The liberals were fine with Black Lives Matter but all of the other voters felt differently. When it comes to the majority, 59 percent are on board with the All Lives Matters slogan instead.

Twice as may Americans back the “All Lives Matter” slogan over the “Black Lives Matter” slogan, says a new Rasmussen survey of 1,000 likely voters.

Among blacks, a 47 percent plurality picked “All Lives Matter” over the 44 percent who picked “Black Lives Matter.”

The June 15-16 poll asked respondents: “Which statement is closest to your own?”

“Black Lives Matter” was picked by 30 percent of voters, including 35 percent of voters under age 40, and 63 percent of liberals.

“All Lives Matter” was picked by 59 percent of all voters, 58 percent of swing-voters, and 56 percent of “moderate” voters.

“Black Lives Matter” was more favored by wealthier people. It was backed by just 34 percent of people earning less than $30,000 but by 53 percent of people who earn above $200,000. The slogan was picked by just 22 percent of high school graduates but by 41 percent of people with professional degrees.

In contrast, “All Lives Matter” was picked by 54 percent of people under 40, by 60 percent of whites, by 61 percent of people who are neither black nor white, by 67 percent of people who earn between $30,000 and $50,000, by 70 percent of high-school graduates, and by 59 percent of college graduates.

The poll showed that 55 percent of people who strongly  disapprove of Trump prefer “Black Lives Matter.” But 63 percent of people who “somewhat” approve or disapprove of Trump prefer the “All Lives Matter.”

The partisan gap is wide. Seventy-seven percent of conservatives prefer ‘All Lives Matter,” while 63 percent of liberals prefer “Black Lives Matter.” However, 29 percent of liberals prefer “All Lives Matter.”

It’s a far cry from what you are seeing on television but it is the truth. The wealthier folks who are insulated from the riots and protests are choosing Black Lives Matter but we would like to see how long that lasts. 70 percent of all high school graduates chose All Lives Matter instead, so perhaps the younger generation is not nearly as far gone as some experts have thought.

Those who have a strong level of disapproval for the current president are sure to choose Black Lives Matter. Meanwhile, those who describe themselves as having a moderate level of disapproval are more likely to choose All Lives Matter. It’s an interesting poll that comes with all sorts of interesting results.

The leftists out there who are assuming that they are now the majority are going to want to take a closer look at these numbers. They may have decided that they are the new standard bearers for the rest of society but nothing could be further from the truth. There are still plenty of hard working Americans who are not going to allow themselves to be bullied into a new mindset.

As you would have expected, the partisan gap in the polling is very noticeable. The conservatives were far more likely to choose All Lives Matter. 77 percent of respondents who skew conservative chose ALM over BLM. 63 percent of the liberal respondents chose Black Lives Matter. This gulf should not be a surprise to anyone. For most, it was pretty predictable.

While the left is constantly talking about how divisive the current administration is, the slogan and movement has done much to drive a wedge between different segments. People who have gotten along just fine in the past are now turning against each other. There are some who believe that the nation is on the cusp of a new Civil War.

Regardless of what happens next, these numbers surely speak for themselves. The mainstream media types who are only interested in driving people apart will continue to perpetrate the same narratives because that’s all they know how to do. America is filled with vocal groups of all sizes and backgrounds. Pretending like one of them speaks for anyone and everyone is silly at best and actively dangerous at worst.

Isn’t that the type of behavior that the left normally cautions against? They are quick to remind everyone that there are no true monoliths left, expect from when they need a monolith to fit their chosen narrative. Meanwhile, the elites are more than happy to “sympathize” with a movement that allows them to look like they care about social justice….without the hassles of having to leave the mansion. It’s a story as old as time itself and we are getting sick and tired of hearing it.

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