The Left’s Stupidity: Oregon Orders Everyone Must Wear Masks Except People of Color

All of the woke epidemiologists in America should have been proposing this idea from the get go. They were the ones who decided that mass gatherings were suddenly okay, as long as people were protesting police brutality. Since we are allowing these gatherings and throwing basic precautions to the wind now, we knew it was only a matter of time before the racial component came into play.

Black Americans are suffering at a disproportionate level but that did not factor into Oregon’s thought process at all. Everyone needs to wear masks in the state of Oregon but if you are a person of color, the rules do not apply to you. Anyone who has a health condition that is exacerbated by the facial coverings is also excluded.

Any child who is over the age of 2 but under the age of 12 is going to be able to make their own decision. None of these provisions sound all that smart but hey, what do we know? The rules when it comes to people of color are focused on reducing the potential for racial profiling. Anyone who believes that they are going to be subjected to more harassment because of the masks can opt out.

Racism is now being considered a public health issue and that’s why the experts are making all sorts of exceptions. Are these exceptions truly useful, though? That’s the all important question that needs to be answered as soon as possible. While it is all well and good to want to help those who have been disenfranchised, how does exposing them to a potentially fatal illness actually do to assist them?

Our main worry is a simple one. There is bound to be a local cop or two who takes it upon themselves to strictly enforce the social distancing measures. We are terrified as to what will happen when one of the black residents of Oregon is tested by these types of officers. They will claim that the people who aren’t wearing masks are spreading the disease.

That’s the sort of thing that you simply cannot plan for. Meanwhile, there are those who are going to point out the racial demographics of the county in Oregon that was silly enough to make these rules. Can you believe that they are 90 percent white? This is the sort of virtue signaling that makes people laugh at the left’s attempts to seem down with the struggle.

The black population in this county is less than 1 percent. We are sure that both of the black residents are sharing a good chuckle about the white people’s insane rules. All jokes aside, woke white people are making all sorts of awful choices now and we are sad to see them endangering the same people that they claim to care about.

Everyone should be wearing a mask but then again, there are states that are issuing mandates and we have mixed feelings on that topic. We believe that masks should be mandatory but there is something about empowering the police to enforce those policies that does not sit right with us. Jay Inslee is already handing out his latest edict on the matter to the residents of Washington.

The goal is a noble one but Americans are not fans of mandates. We have created a nation full of staunch individualists who are not going to do what they are told. That’s why it is better to let people make choices for themselves. The average American has more common sense than the liberals would have you believe. People are capable of making the right decision, without needing their hand held.

We cannot wait to see what happens in Washington now that Inslee is mandating masks. Will their numbers rise or fall? Will people take to the streets to protest like they did in Michigan? Only time will tell if folks are willing to take basic precautions against infection.

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