Watch: Violent Leftwing Mob Beat Christians With Sticks and Bats While Dems Cheer On

Some of our readers may have already been aware of the prayer rally that was supposed to take place in St. Louis over the weekend. The rally was scheduled to take place at Forest Park. The St. Louis Statue is an iconic piece of the city but the liberals are doing everything in their power to ruin that for everyone. These radicals want the statue gone.

It’s part of their latest virtue signaling tour, where various statues are toppled as a means of ending racism. If you are not sure how these two things are linked, trust us, you are not alone. When the rally was about to take place, multiple priests arrived on the scene. When one of the priests tried to explain the history of the statue, he was immediately heckled by the restless crowd.

All he wanted to do was let them know more about St. Louis of France. He hoped that the crowd would be willing to listen but his pleas fell on deaf ears. This should come as a surprise to no one. These crowds are not looking to listen. They are only looking to satisfy whatever base urge they have that way.

This type of destruction and violence has become the new norm in this country. The mob was not about to back down just because an actual priest wanted to give them a history lesson. Instead, they decided that they would threaten the St. Louis Cathedral next. These “activists” that pretend to care so much about the world around them wouldn’t even let some Christians gather to pray.

It says a lot about their true priorities, doesn’t it? Anyone who believes that they have the greater good in mind when they conduct themselves in this manner is being sold a bill of goods. The leftists who decided to mess with a Christian rally even tried to portray the event as a KKK rally. Facts do not matter to these folks at all, not even one iota.

Several residents of varying religious denominations were happy to come together, in hopes of bringing a sprinkle of peace to an otherwise troubled community. Leftist mobs have no place at these types of events and it should sadden anyone with a conscience when they see how they behaved. All they wanted to do was recite a rosary and they could not even do that because the crowd was so unruly.

Allegedly, at least three of the Christians were beaten up by the leftists after the crowd started to disperse. If true, this is one of the worst acts of violence that has taken place since all of the unrest first began. One man was beaten up by a crowd of rioters and took a number of shots to the face. The tweets are out there and they are ugly. There is no denying that what took place at this rally.

The only question has to do with the extent. How many of these people had to suffer? How many religious folks had to be treated poorly for these rioters to get their rocks off? Additional footage shows one man being beaten with a stick. The video is stunning and anyone who does not think that there is a real problem needs to take a long, hard look at what this nation is becoming. Differences of opinion are now being handled in the worst way possible.

We just hope that it was worth it to the rioters. They destroyed a perfectly fine prayer rally, so that they could make sure the world their viewpoint is the only one worth having. Civil discourse has gone the way of the dinosaur and no one seems to care. Hopefully, we can get back on the right track before it is too late. Time is starting to run out, though. The far left is seizing a greater level of control with each passing day.

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