Hillary Clinton: To VP Or Not to VP?

That is the question that has recently been asked of former secretary of state and two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. It comes after rumors and an article published by the Drudge Report commented that 2020 White House hopeful and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg might seriously be considering Clinton for the position as his second in command.

Drudge reported that according to sources close to Bloomberg and his campaign, the possibility was serious enough that the man was considering moving his home to either one of his properties in Colorado or Florida so as not be “from” the same state as his VP.

However, many believed these allegations to be nothing more than a ruse to get people talking about Bloomberg more and, in so doing, possibly get him into the Nevada Democratic primary debate. And it worked. As of Tuesday, the last day possible to do so, Bloomberg qualified for the debate by polling at above 10% in at least four polls.

As to whether or not the billionaire was actually considering such an alliance, we may never know, as Hillary has gone on record to say that if he asked her, she would not accept.

During a visit to a nonprofit healthcare center located in the United States’ territory of Puerto Rico’s Isla Verde, she told the press that she wouldn’t even consider it.

“Oh no! I’m just waiting and watching as this plays out. I will support whoever the nominee is because I think that for all the reasons you can imagine, and here in Puerto Rico, there are many, we need to have a new president for our country. And for all the American citizens, including the ones who live right here in Puerto Rico, and I want to see Puerto Rican American citizens be able to vote for president.”

Since November of 2016, many have speculated about the former secretary of state running for president again. While she has failed at the task twice, few candidates have shown so much determination for the position, no matter the cost. And her last run at nearly got her the Oval Office.

However, those two failed attempts, as well as the many skeletons in her closet, have convinced many that she simply isn’t the woman for the job. As was reported by Politico, who talked to several Senate Democrats to get their feelings on the woman, most in her party believe that the torch should be passed to someone else, including Minority Whip Dick Durbin, Jon Tester, and Martin Heinrich.

So staying out of the race as a presidential candidate is pretty much out of the question and she knows it.

But can the same be said for the office of the vice president?

After all, she still holds quite a bit of clout within the Democratic Party. Proof of that can be found no farther than this article itself. If we knew she didn’t have a chance or that no one in her party would support her, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. But we are…

She may be a has-been, but she has also long been a pillar of her party’s establishment and has played an enormous part in where it is today. And as such, Clinton has earned no small measure of respect, albeit poorly placed.

Besides, what Democrat is more widely known in the political world? Her name alone could bring in crowds of people. And most presidential candidates would consider this huge of a brand name to be a considerable asset for their campaign.

And with an ego the size of hers, few would ever imagine her turning the position down. As she has stated several times since Trump was elected to office, she would still be better at it and can even beat him.

But here she is doing just that.

The question is why. Can we actually believe that she has given up on her dreams of roaming the White House halls again?

Or is just Bloomberg she can’t agree to? After all, he isn’t exactly known for his love of women in power or their ability to do much more than pleasure a man. Surely, such a pairing would all be for show.

But it’s still early – far too soon to be naming VPs or to be saying ‘never will I ever.’ If the right candidate can pull a nomination win off, Clinton might find herself changing her mind.

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