House Approves Restraining President Trump

Never in the history of America would anyone of us ever imagine how Democrats are rewriting the rules to the Constitution of the United States of America.  Our forefathers who founded this great nation must be turning over in their graves as they were the ones who put in place our laws and foundations to become the greatest nation on earth.  The Democrats have once again hit below the belt in attacking President Donald Trump and the powers in which he has been given according to the laws of our land.  In a vote where the Democrats rule the House, Thursday afternoon, The House passed a resolution to restrain President Donald Trump from any call to action to protect our nation and its troops.

According to the Speaker of The House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi says the war powers resolution is a non-binding resolution on the president.  She claims his signature would not be needed.  Pelosi stated, “The measure will protect American lives and values by limiting Trump’s military actions.  The administration must de-escalate and must prevent further violence.”  Pelosi needs to get her head out of the dirt.  President Trump saved lives by his split decision by taking out one leading terrorist.

The measure passed in the House with 224-194 votes.  Very little to no GOP support was recorded.  Inside the Senate, three, maybe four Republican Senators would support the measure, but inside the Senate, it would be an uphill battle for Democratic Senator Tim Kaine who proposed a similar bill.  Republican Senator Todd Young, who is an ex-Marine, may decide to join the only two GOP members who support the bill.

Senator Young stated, “We are members of a separate and distinct branch of government. It is our duty not to take anyone’s word for things as we are dealing with matters of life and death.”  He also stated he “wished Trump administration officials had provided more intelligence information during a briefing Wednesday on a U.S. drone strike that killed a top Iranian general.”

Since recent announcements, Vice President Pence went on live television to address the issue of the why’s.  President Trump also released a statement saying Soleimani was going to blow up the U.S. Embassy, and the attack was going to be within “days.”  All of the Democrats and the two GOP members were the only ones who were not satisfied with the briefing.  Since these announcements were made, it may open the eyes of the two Republican Senators and Senator Young to come back on the Right side of the fence.

When Pelosi announced the vote, she said, “The killing of General Qassem Solemani was provocative and disproportionate.”  This woman is definitely from another planet.  How can anyone support a terrorist and still call themselves “a human being?”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said, “It was a meaningless vote on a measure that will never be sent to the president or limit his constitutional authority to defend the American people.”  Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise, the No. 2 House Republican, denounced the vote as “a press release designed to attack President Trump.”

The whole fuss is all revolved around the statement that there “wasn’t enough evidence to justify killing Soleimani.”  Vice President Mike Pence explained Thursday, “Soleimani, was traveling the region making plans to bring an attack against American personnel and American forces.  It was not possible to share full details of the intelligence with lawmakers.”

President Trump also said at a rally Thursday night that if the full information was given during the briefing or if he would have gone to Congress before making the decision to take out the Iran general, the Democrats would have leaked the classified information to the press and that would have costed American lives.  It would have turned into another Benghazi.  Why can’t the lawmakers accept the information they were handed and move on?  That would be too easy for the president and for us.  The Democrats want to ruin everything and keep terrorists working.

Vice President also went on ABC’s “Good Morning America” and said, “When it comes to intelligence, we have to protect sources and methods, there’s only a certain amount we can share with every member of Congress.  But those of us who have seen all the evidence know that there was a compelling case of an imminent threat against American personnel.”  Trump even said he “had calls from numerous senators and numerous congressmen and women saying it was the greatest presentation they’ve ever had.”

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