House Passes Resolution Limiting Trumps Military Authority

The House Dems hate that Trump is making decisions about how to deal with things in Iran. It comes back to the whole “not my President” that they tried pulling in 2016 when they found out that Hillary Clinton didn’t win. Now, they’ve passed a resolution to limit the military authority that Trump has when it comes to dealing with Iran – and Republicans are saying that it’s not even legal.

The House has continued to overstep their bounds simply because they don’t like Trump. When Obama attacked Syria without congressional approval, it was no big deal. When Trump does it with Iran, he’s overstepping his authority?

The House of Representatives decided to pass a congressional resolution that would limit President Trump’s authority to take any further military action against Iran without Congress. The measure was passed with a majority vote of 224 to 194. It says that Trump has to end military action in Iran after 30 days if he doesn’t receive congressional approval.

The War Powers Resolution as it’s being called is ridiculous – and even John Bolton, the former national security adviser, has said that it’s unconstitutional.

Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, said that the resolution has as “much force of law” as does a New Year’s resolution.

McCarthy says that it’s not only a meaningless vote but also sends the wrong message that the Democrats would prefer to stand with their leftist base than standing against Iran. Iran has already retaliated following the killing of its military commander Soleimani with a missile attack in Iraq.

A number of Senators have been vocal to explain that Iran’s aggressions are nothing new. The issues have been going on since 1979 – and they’re the ones that have been the aggressors all along. Trump was finally responding to the aggression in the only way that was going to get the message across.

The House Dems, however, aren’t looking to help the United States. They would rather support a socialist nation that has been our enemy for decades than to defend something that Trump did – even if it was for the better of the country. Their hatred of Trump has gone on too long and the double-standard game that they’re playing is starting to affect Americans.

When President Obama was in office, he passed thousands of military attacks as Commander in Chief without any kind of congressional approval. It’s the power of the president because decisions have to be made quickly in times of war. They can’t wait around for Pelosi and Schumer to get their ducks in a row. How can a congressional approval be given in any kind of timely fashion when Pelosi is still sitting on the articles of impeachment that passed weeks ago?

Trump did what he had to with the powers that he was given as president. The real problem isn’t what he did – it’s that he had the power to do it in the first place. He’s gone against what Obama put in place, which means that the world is seeing why it was such a bad idea for the Obama administration to hand Iran over a billion dollars in cash on a golden platter.

Just as the impeachment was designed to cover up the wrong-doings of Biden, the new resolution passed in the House is designed to make it look like Trump is being irrational when he used the same power that Obama wielded countless times.

The more that the House does, the more it shows that they’re out to make Trump look like a bad guy. Only this time, they’re siding with a country that has shown that they don’t care about us. Why support a country that constantly chants “Death to America?” This was happening even within the Obama administration, so tensions were already there.

The liberal media may not want to identify that Obama put us into this situation but Trump is determined to be the one to get us out of this mess – even if it means using his war powers to order a drone strike on the Iranian general. While the House can pass all of the resolutions they want, the reality is that Trump is the Commander in Chief in the United States. If the Iranian government is threatening us and there is intelligence that they’re going to attack, congressional approval isn’t necessary – and that is something that power-hungry Pelosi is simply going to have to deal with.

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