How Churches are Facing and Providing Hope in Light of the Virus

The faith of many people is being challenged in these tough times. The more people are confronted and pushed through the barrage of information the more they can feel overwhelmed which easily leads to stress and anxiety. The only way to combat such extremes is to promote hope with a positive approach. People need to know that there is light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Many churches are cooperating with the social distancing that is being required by officials to keep the virus from spreading. But they do not want people to think that they must distance themselves from God. They are promoting the notion that they can fellowship with others and rely on God for help. Churches have the responsibility to help others see that there is hope and that they can still help people even though they cannot be in close contact.

Some leaders have developed content to help people that these times are going to challenge what people believe. They are helping people see that they need to put their faith into action. The crazy reaction by some should not be a trademark of a person of faith. Nick Hall of PULSE has stated that “People are scared right now, and the Bible has tons to say to us in moments just like this. The Bible Quarantine is our effort to encourage people not to waste these days binge-watching Netflix episodes, but rather to let them change us while we find ways to love our neighbor, and be the church.” He goes on to point out that people met in homes in the early days and it can be an encouragement to everyone knowing that some have traveled these roads before.

His organization is trying to help churches that want to record their messages and then broadcast them to others. This is a major help to churches that have no idea on how to put their lessons and sermons in digital form. He and others are trying to promote hope and joy in an attempt to turn people from fear.

Branden Harvey who is the founder of Good Good Good has stated that “We believe deeply in the power of good news to support our mental health, help us breathe easier, and encourage us to make a difference. Our hope is to spread hope.” People that are stuck in their homes are in need of hope. They have been out of contact with their normal routine that they are feeling that there is no hope to be found from any source.

For others, it is simply trying to manage a new routine for their kids as they have no school. Neal Harmon who is the CEO of VidAngel stated: “We understand how strapped working parents are right now trying to juggle kids at home and work from home, and we also know from personal experience how being away from school and not seeing their friends is a real challenge for all of our kids.” The nation is asked to go from being social to being isolationists.

Other churches are taking to the streets and roadways to help people that are in need of supplies. They are hosting food drives and other venues to provide an avenue of hope. It also gives those that want to help a chance to support those in need. People are generous and are looking for ways to help others. The church is a great avenue for them to be able to do what they want to do with others.

The ideas that churches are coming up with are limitless. All it takes is a lot of money and supplies. It also takes people to support the efforts of churches to provide hope and assistance for people. The faith-based community is in full support of doing their part. They also support President Trump and Mike Pence. They know that these two men are exactly what the nation needs in this time of crisis.

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