How Republicans Are Fighting to Protect Trump

In a world of mistrust and closed-door meetings, a person must have their supporters. President Trump is constantly under attack by the Democrats. They have stopped at nothing to discredit him with fake accusations and made-up stories. They have driven the world crazy with their demonic rhetoric and attacks against him. But they have not been able to bring him down. Now, with the impeachment in full swing, the president has amassed a huge Republican protection gathering that has the president’s back.

The Republicans have banded together in defense of the innocent president that is being derailed by the pesky Democrats and their fake trials that they are holding. The Republicans have joined forces, and they are defending the president at all costs. They believe that all of this fake impeachment attempt will boost President Trump’s election run in 2020. The impeachment is bringing out the best deceptiveness of the Democrats. The more they talk the worst it is going to get for them.

One Republican, who is a lobbyist, named John Feehery has stated that “This is a partisan exercise that has little to no impact on most folks who reside outside the Beltway. Everybody knows how it is going to play out.” All the Republicans in the House are against the impeachment. There are not enough votes in the Senate to remove the president from office. What is being called the “red wall of protection” stands behind the president. They also stand against the demonic Democrats that are seeking control of the nation.

No one wants to see the Democrats take control of the nation at all levels of government. All that would happen would be the destruction of the county. The Republican party is 100 percent united against all forms of terrorism. This includes the Democrats. It was pushy Pelosi that started the attacks back in September, and they have not stopped since. She has pushed so much that the people of the country are sick and tired of the false accusations. The country wants the trial to stop and for the elected officials to work at improving the country.

President Trump was elected to lead the country because he is not like the rest of the politicians. He is not a person that is easy to push around. He is not one that can be bought by the corrupt Democrats. And he certainly is not going to be pushed around. He stands for what is right and is not afraid to do the right thing. The polls that are being conducted on the president show that the people still love him and want him left alone, so he can continue to work for the betterment of the country.

The very plan that the Democrats have devised to destroy the president is backfiring in their faces. The impeachment is simply strengthening the president and all the Republicans that stand against it. The Democrats are going to hand all the branches of government over to the Republicans in a few short years. Despite all the bad accusations that have been thrown the president’s direction, nothing has been found incriminating. Several Democrats at various levels have been found involved in corruption. They traded their freedom for a few lousy dollars.

As the impeachment moves forward the president can rest knowing that the Republican Party stands with him. They are just too powerful of a party to stand by and do nothing to protect the president from the attacks of the enemy. The Democrats stand as terrorists to the country. Every one of their supporters is angry and ready to fight against the freedoms of the nation. They hate America and everyone that protects the country.

One Republican would write “Thursday was an extraordinary day of testimony. Under normal circumstances, it would have been a huge day for the Democrats. But they have been screaming impeachment for so long, now that we’re finally here, it’s a shoulder shrug.” What he is saying is that no one can take the Democrats seriously anymore because they have proven themselves to be a bunch of fakes.

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