Ilhan Omar Pushing for Takeover of Private Hospitals

The nation’s favorite cheater has once again opened the door to socialist thinking as she proposes the takeover of all private hospitals in the United States. She proposes that the government should take over the hospitals until the virus is gone. She is acting like the government can better serve and protect people that the private sector. What she does not understand is that the private sector can better care for the people in their areas because they know what they are up against.

Ilhan Omar would love to rule the nation from a chair in her cheater’s palace. Her idea of helping people is telling them what is wrong without ever seeing them. Her model of healthcare mimics that of Italy. Treat the young but condemn the old. Italy has refused to treat the elderly which has led to the death of thousands of them. Socialist healthcare will never work. All it will do is hurt the American people. Omar lives under the premise that the government can care for the people better than individuals can themselves.

Private hospitals should never be made public. And just because they are private does not mean that they will not treat the sick. Her idea is just another attempt by the Democrats to push their sinful control on people. Any chance that they get they try to include their liberal policies on people. This is seen in their fight to have certain liberal items placed in the rescue bill. They have no desire to help people. All they see is an opportunity to advance their policies.

One online response to Omar’s posting stated that “Here is another radical idea. Let’s admit that communism doesn’t work and that it caused the #ChineseVirus.” She offers no details to her suggestion. Which shows she is probing to see if people like the idea. But the response on social media is spot on as they mention that communism is the reason for the trouble today.

Communist China did not want to ask for help, and they tried to cover it all up. As a result, the world is suffering because of their pride and arrogance. Ilhan Omar’s proposal is the same as she pridefully boasts that the government can care for people better than they can. She is a young arrogant youth trying to play in an adult world. She has no business serving in politics let alone trying to change the landscape of America.

Many more truthful responses have been funneled towards Omar. One stated that “So you can run them into the ground?” And one even likened her to a dead communist leader “Spoken like a true Castroite.” These statements are a clear indicator that no one wants what she is proposing. She should be embarrassed that she even stated such a comment.

Omar is a known communist that supports the idea of a socialist takeover. She fully supports Bernie Sanders who is also another socialist trying to overthrow democracy. Omar hates President Trump and all the Republicans. She sees them as her enemies as they stand in her way of ruling the country. She calls democracy “Western imperialism.” Proving to all that she is an invader seeking to destroy America.

Omar and her inner circle of socialist monsters want to take away the freedoms of the people in America. Her version of the nation is nothing short of complete reliance upon a corrupt system that will dictate which people live and who will die. Her idea of healthcare is the same. The elderly in Italy are at the mercy of the leadership. They have been condemned to death because the Italian system does not take care of their people.

When Omar was compared to Castro in the social media post it fell into a reference from one state Assemblymember, Nicole Malliotakis, who would say, “My first reaction was: Is this communist Cuba? I can say that as a daughter of Cuban refugees who fled Castro’s Cuba in 1959, this is what happened to her family, she had her home taken, my grandfather had his gas station taken.” She ran against Mayor de Blasio in the past election. He is also known for his socialist views. Omar and de Blasio have the same thoughts and ideas. But Malliotakis shows what would happen if Omar had control and had her way of things.

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