Insurance Company’s Taking Lying Dems to the Supreme Court

Some within the federal government is being accused of bait and switch in an attempt to get insurance companies to offer medical coverage to people that had no insurance previously. Under Obamacare, the insurance companies were told that they would receive payments to them for the people that signed up. But things have changed and now the payments have stopped. When the matter went to court it was ruled that Congress could stop the payments. Which left the insurance companies scrambling to cover the deficit of nearly $12 billion.

The brainless Democrats in Congress thought that they no longer had to pay the insurance companies under the changes that have happened to Obamacare. They found a lower court to agree with them so now the matter has escalated to the halls of the Supreme Court. The insurance companies are furious that they have misled by once led Democratic Oval Office and now the Democratic-led Congress. They just cannot be trusted to do what they promise or agree to do.

Outrageous Obama developed what was considered to be an unconstitutional program forced millions of people to buy health insurance or face heavy fines. In essence, he forced people to do something that many did not want to do. Six of the justices are leaning in favor of the insurance companies. What they see was said by one of the justices “Why doesn’t the government have to pay its contracts just like everybody else?” The answer is because the Democrats feel that they are above the law. They feel that they do not have to live up to past agreements.

When the program was designed to do was help insurers make up the money loss that they had to incur by insuring so many unhealthy people under Obamacare. This included people with pre-existing medical conditions. Those conditions would cost the insurance companies dearly when it came time to pay out the claims. The irrational Democrats led everyone to believe that they would help the companies stay solvent. When it came time to pay their part, the Democrats sent no money.

This case is unique as there is not a ruling that makes Congress pay billions to private companies. One justice said that “Has there ever been a case where this court has, in effect, required Congress to appropriate … billions of dollars for private businesses?” The outcome is simple enough to understand. The lousy Democrats made a deal with private insurers, and they need to honor their agreement. 

The insurance division has to remain solvent if they are going to continue to legally operate as an insurer. Failure on part of the Democrats to pay their bills can affect millions of people in the long run. Honor and integrity are two things that are missing from the Democratic Party. They hate honest things, and they despise people with integrity. Large in part because it makes them look bad. But the truth can be hard to swallow. The Democrats are fighting back, so they do not have to do what is right. No matter what is said of the insurers, they have the right to receive payments that they were promised in return for helping people in need. 

The Democrats reckless actions in the development of Obamacare and their rash actions of making promises they never intended to keep are going to cost someone. The insurance companies will have to pass the loss onto the subscribers at some point. In the end, the private citizen is going to have to pay the loss. Unless the Supreme Court forces the Democratic Congress to live up to their side of the deal. 

The Democrats have tried to pass bills that would keep them from having to pay in 2018. Sadly, the Appeals court agreed with them. But now the matter lies with the Supreme Court which has a better record of doing what is right instead of what advances their careers. The Democrats are a group of people that cannot be trusted to tell the truth or act in an honorable manner.

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