Iran’s Latest Chant on America Has Become Commonplace

It was a chilling and stark reminder of how the U.S. is viewed by many in other parts of the world as one story reported about a common expression heard throughout Iran. Hopefully, you have already had your coffee, had time to wake up, and your day has started well because this story will most likely piss you off or at the very least, leave a bad taste in your mouth. The kind that even the best cup of coffee can’t erase.

Imagine it being a common expression or saying at the opening or closing of events, speeches, and even as a greeting among friends if we said here in America, “Death to Mexico” or “Death to Africa” or…? Because in Iran – “Death to America” is what they say!

According to our story, “family events are also common venues for the chant where it is used to enliven proceedings.” Go ahead, take a moment to picture the whole damn family at an event, with mom, dad, five-year-old Ali, seven-year-old Helma, and the oldest 11-year-old Hossein. Imagine those families just standing there holding their snacks and drinks, laughing, smiling and chanting the entire time… “Death to America!”

Yeah, a great time for everyone in the family.

Wait, before you throw the computer, tablet, or whatever your reading on through the wall, one of Iran’s religious leaders explained this common saying and chant. No, really, he did!

Ali Asghar Hosseini, a senior Muslim cleric, as the story explained, said the chant “…means death to American leaders past and present – including Presidents Trump, Obama, George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush – so normal citizens should not be afraid of Iran’s vengeance.”

Whew, thank goodness, isn’t that comforting? And as our story encapsulated, ‘…when Iranians chant bloodcurdling threats of “Death to America” it does not mean death to all the American people – just some.’

Somehow that just makes it all better, right? Wait, don’t break the screen just yet. As the story reported, Iran’s religious leaders are quite serious about clarifying this chant, and they don’t want to offend America citizens. That is why they broadcast a message from their religious leaders, who chanted, “death to the leaders of America!” in hopes that the revised saying and chant would catch on.

Although there are countless examples of the hatred for America in certain parts of the world, like Iran, it is good to know we have nothing to worry about. So we shouldn’t be concerned at all when our story reminds us of messages from Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme leader who led chants of “Death to America! Death to Israel! … America is the enemy of Allah! Israel is the enemy of Allah [and] should be erased from the face of the Earth!”

Nope, nothing unnerving there at all. And if we aren’t in the public eye, a member of Congress or the U.S. government, a mayor or politician… or mistaken for one, then we are safe! That is such good news.

Can you imagine those children of our aforementioned family ten years from now, when those children become fifteen, seventeen, and twenty-one-years old? Ten more years of brainwashing, of feeding hate for America into their young minds? It almost isn’t the fault of the people at this point, it is a culture and a heritage of poison.

At least for the safety and peace of mind for everyone involved, your average joe and typical American citizen has nothing to fear. How much more reassurance do you need, that was the message passed down from the Religious clergy in Iran? If you can’t trust that, then who and what can you trust? It is also a relief to know that our leaders and our country’s leadership are the only people being threatened, otherwise, we might be offended.

How does that coffee taste now? Don’t worry, that initial surge of anger will pass, and before long you’ll forget this story… or maybe you won’t? Maybe we shouldn’t? In fact, say it with me – “Death to Ira-” just kidding, they have nothing to fear.

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