Jerry Nadler Gets Smeared for Suppressing Freedom of Speech

There is nothing worse than a nasty Nadler that is unwilling to face the truth that he and his Democratic Party are the biggest jokes in Washington. Every single time a filthy Democrat is confronted with questionable behavior they want to harm and shutdown the people showing them the truth of what they are like.

Jim Jordan is not afraid to confront worthless motives and self-seeking behavior. Recently he called out the Democrats on their questionable behavior at the detention centers and the illegal trips they took to the other side of the border. Now it looks like he is going after Jerry nasty Nadler for wanting to question Michael Horowitz regarding harsh reports about Comey.

Jim Jordan is on to the demon controlled Democrats. Jordan pressed Nadler for an answer about when the questioning would take place but nasty Nadler ignored the champions questions. The Democrats have been trying to destroy the freedoms of Americans for decades.

They have been trying to take the guns and now they are after the freedom of speech. And they way Nadler called Jordan as being out of order was another way the liberal left wants to shut down their opponents.

Instead of being civil and providing a good solid answer to Jordan he just told him to shut up. Nadler has no professionalism about the way he treats other people. Jordan has also been after the Democrats for wasting everyone’s time as the Democrats have been trying to impeach the president for things that he is innocent of. The Republicans are tired of the Democrats wasting their lives in the feeble attempts to try to find things to convict people of that are innocent.

The Democrats are known for their harshness towards people of the conservative side. It is not just in the Congress where the evil takes place but also in everyday life. Conservatives all over the nation are harassed in the classroom and on public property for their stance on good values and their desire to protect innocent life from being murdered before birth.

Nadler loves the fact that he is pursuing nothing of importance. He loves being in charge and does not want any person to challenge his authority.

Jim Jordan is pushing the dirty Democrats to focus on relevant things like the southern border, immigration laws and other things that are dividing the nation as a whole. The American people want politicians that can work together for the common good of the nation.

They do not want a bunch of stupid Democrats threatening innocent people, and they certainly do not want politicians that waste time and money. Nadler is the person that no one wants in Congress anymore.

Nadler is also a rat that is trying to protect the precious Clinton’s and other Democrats that are known to have done a lot of illegal things. Clinton violated so many laws and got away with it that the American people would love to her and Billy put in prison for the rest of the time. Not to mention all the people that she and Billy were connected to that mysteriously disappeared or was found dead in their cells.

The Clintons, Obamas and many others have been caught covering up their illegal dealings with Russia. People want to know how long it will be before the real criminals are sent to prison. But Nadler knows too much and is trying to keep attention off of his criminal party and those that are no longer serving in politics.

He knows that as soon as he is gone next year they will all be exposed for the frauds they are.

Jim Jordan will continue his pressuring of the Democrats to do the right thing. He would love to see the inspector general brought in to investigate all the mishaps that have happened at the hands of the Democrats. Their hands are as guilty as can be. The only thing that needs to be done now is for the Democrats to leave office so the Republicans can fix all the damage that they have done in the past two years.

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