Joe Biden is Sinking Fast Among Ukraine Woes

The one thing that former Vice President Joe Biden had going for him was that he was supposed to be “electable.” Biden may not be the most exciting presidential candidate in the race, the theory went, but at least he was not a crazy socialist like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. He had been the partner in labors to Barack Obama, a man that most Democrats look back with nostalgia.

The Washington Examiner now notes that Biden is only about two points ahead of Sen. Elizabeth Warren. D-Mass, which is essentially a tie. What is the explanation for Biden’s decline?

To be sure the imbroglio over Ukraine has not been helpful, according to the article, The mainstream media has been beating the drum with the message, “Nothing to see here. Move along” while accusing President Trump of trying to coerce a foreign power to strike at one of his political enemies. Yet, people have seen that tape of Biden boasting that he had arranged for the prosecutor who had been investigating his son Hunter fired with some blatant political hardball. People cannot help but wonder whether there is some there, there.

The Examiner has also suggested that Biden has just run an uninspiring, low energy campaign. Biden has also been, as he has for decades, a gaffe machine. Trump may be the master of outrageous things coming out of his mouth and Twitter feed, but the president is being calculating. Biden seems to stumble into nonsense because it comes naturally for him.

Also, Biden had been trying to appease the radical wing of the Democratic Party by offering socialism light. He is against Medicare for All but favors something of the sort with Obamacare on Steroids. His gun control program stops short of confiscation, which is a thin gruel for people like Beto O’Rourke.

However, the Examiner has zeroed in on the real reason that Biden is circling in the drain, that he is too old to be president.

“For the record, Biden will be 78 on Inauguration Day 2021 — older than Ronald Reagan was when he left office after serving eight years. Biden would turn 80 in his second year in office. If he were to serve two terms, Biden would be president until age 86. That is totally uncharted territory in American politics.

“Recently President Jimmy Carter, who is now 95, said, ‘If I were just 80 years old if I was 15 years younger, I don’t believe I could undertake the duties I experienced when I was president. You had to be very flexible with your mind.’”

Carter was a relatively young 52 when he was sworn into office in 1977. Never mind that most people concluded by election day 1980 that the duties of the president were beyond him anyway, hence they chose the venerable Ronald Reagan to replace him.

Worries about age may explain why Bernie Sanders is also on the decline. He is already 78. A recent health crisis has put him in the hospital. He will likely bounce back, according to medical experts, but voters are likely saying to themselves, why take a chance?

That leaves Elizabeth Warren as the candidate to beat for the Democratic nomination. At age 70, she is no spring chicken, but she is said to have a lot of energy on the stump. She has the full agenda of radical proposals, including her versions of the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and a wealth tax. She also has a new idea that, according to another article in the Washington Examiner, is a tax on the first amendment,

“Warren on Wednesday unveiled a plan she claimed would end excessive lobbying by imposing a tax on companies’ lobbying expenditures. The way the tax would work is that “companies that spend between $500,000 and $1 million per year on lobbying, calculated on a quarterly basis, will pay a 35% tax on those expenditures. For every dollar above $1 million spent on lobbying, the rate will increase to 60% – and for every dollar above $5 million, it will increase to 75%.”

That the proposal would violate the First Amendment is a pesky little detail that Warren passes over on.

Warren’s anti-capitalist approach to governance has alienated both Wall Street and the tech sector. Some voters are said to find her overbearing. And the Pocahontas issue has not quite gone away, However, absent something unexpected, most pundits think that as of right now it is Warren’s to lose.

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