Julian Castro Urges PR Governor To Step Down

Julian Castro is taking pride in being one of the most outspoken Dems running in the 2020 primaries. He has now become the first one to speak out about the need for the governor in Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello, to step down. However, it’s not up to Castro. He doesn’t have a say in all of this, so it’s just Castro looking to make the headlines yet again.

What’s going on in Puerto Rico?

Governor Ricardo Rossello has decided that he’s not going to run for governor again. However, he is also refusing to step down, allowing someone else to get into the position.

There have been a number of protests happening throughout the streets of Puerto Rico as a result of Rossello’s administration. Hundreds of documents were leaked that took place between the governor and other elected officials, many of which leaked sexist and homophobic language.

As of Wednesday of last week, there were thousands marching in San Juan, demanding that Rossello resign.

What Castro is Now Urging

Julian Castro feels that he gets a right to speak out about this because he’s the only Latino currently running for president. However, it’s important to recognize that Castro was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. He’s not from Puerto Rico. So, while he’s of Latino descent, he has no direct tie to those who are in Puerto Rico. That doesn’t stop him from saying that he “stands with them.”

Castro told Fox News that [the governor] can no longer be effective. Castro has called upon Rossello to step down. He may be the first of the 2020 hopefuls to do so, but there have been thousands of people already demanding that Rossello step down. He’s a single voice and one that doesn’t carry any more weight with the governor than anyone else.

Rossello announced on Sunday that he has no intention of resigning over the scandal. He has said that he’s looking to God to guide him through the hurricanes, real or figurative.

Castro Isn’t Alone

Julian Castro, with no ties to the island, isn’t the only one being a loud voice about the issue. There are a few MLB players who do have ties to the island, who are urging the governor to resign. This includes Yadier Molina from the Saint Louis Cardinals, Enrique Hernandez from the LA Dodgers, and Francisco Lindor from the Cleveland Indians. A pro basketball player from the Dallas Mavericks, JJ Barea, has also called out the governor.

Typical Dem Behavior

Democrats seem to be turning on each other with greater frequency in 2019, which is why the party is suffering so much. Ricardo Rossello is part of the Democratic Party. More importantly, he identifies himself as a new progressive, which is how Warren and many of the other 2020 hopefuls identify themselves. They’re all about being progressive and taking things on in a different and unorthodox way from the way that things have always been handled.

While Rossello isn’t going to seek reelection, he has no plan to step down. He shouldn’t have to, either. He is still able to conduct business, although Castro has his doubts.

However, Rossello is committed to his job and working through it. He has issued apologies and will finish out his term. Causing turmoil in the middle of the term would end up hurting Puerto Rico worse than the leaked documents.

This is what Castro fails to understand. Sometimes, it is about managing through difficult times. It’s not easy to simply kick someone out of office because they did something wrong. Rossello didn’t do anything illegal. While he shouldn’t have written documents and emails and texts that were homophobic and sexist, it wasn’t illegal.

Trump has done a few questionable things, too, though it’s not enough to get him out of office. Even Pelosi is the first one to say that it’s not the right time to impeach Trump because of needing to get the job done.

Castro is so quick to call out anyone and condemn someone for their behavior without looking at the big picture. He has thrown many of his 2020 Dems under the bus for things that they have said under pressure. Castro is proving himself to not be a team player, which is speaking volumes for what kind of president he will make. He’s quick to throw a stone at the Dems, whether they’re his running mates or simply a governor in a territory he has no business caring about.

It’s time Castro stays in his lane. It’s only a matter of time before his lane runs out of asphalt and he’s out of the primaries altogether.

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