Left-Wing Goes Too Far With Threats To McConnell On Twitter

There’s a lot going on across the Twitterverse regarding Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The @Team_Mitch account was locked due to violating the “violent threats policy” that Twitter has in place. This is as a result of the campaign hosting a profanity-laced video, which was actually recorded outside of McConnell’s Kentucky home where protesters were hurling threats left and right.

Kevin Golden, the campaign manager for McConnell, confirmed that the account was locked. It involved posting a real-world violent threat that was made against Mitch McConnell. The video was posted in order to show how far the left has taken things.

What’s Happening Outside of McConnell’s Home

Mitch McConnell lives in Louisville, Kentucky. Outside of his family home, there are a number of protesters holding signs and wearing clothes, some that read “massacre Mitch.”

All of this is taking place as a result of McConnell’s opposition to certain gun control legislation, following the mass shootings that took place in Texas and Ohio.

This is where the left is going. They get upset with a few harmless tweets that Trump sends out, yet they think it’s okay to protest outside of someone’s home just because he disagrees with them on a political stance. Shouting of the entities outside of someone’s home and calling for people to “massacre” the Senate Majority Leader is completely out of control – and it shows the division of that the left has created in all of their constant bickerings – on Twitter and beyond.

Free Speech?

Golden is upset with twitter over choosing to lock the account. When they tried to appeal, the company informed the campaign that Mitch McConnell’s account will remain locked until the video featuring the profanity is deleted. This is where Goldman has the biggest problem. Twitter is allowing words such as “massacre Mitch” to trend nationally. However, the count is actually locked when posting details about the actual threats being made against the person.

If Twitter is going to constantly decide what is and isn’t okay, it is taking apart the First Amendment right with the freedom of speech. It isn’t okay to allow the words to trend but not the video.

Additionally, the White House is currently working on a proposed executive order that would address anti-conservative bias from social media companies, including Twitter and Facebook. Although the companies deny such a charge, the reality is being shown with Mitch McConnell’s account being locked until the video is deleted.

Twitter is Siding with the Dems

With all that is going on, it’s clear that Twitter is siding with the Democrats, allowing the trending “massacre Mitch” to be a trending hashtag while Mitch McConnell’s team cannot show the reality of what’s happening outside of his house. The social media platform is only allowing one side of the story to be told, which means that this partisanship has to end.

The left has one answer to everything: agree with us or we will boycott you.

The GOP is responding loud and clear with what is happening. A number of politicians within the Republican Party, including the Trump campaign as well as various other GOP organizations have frozen their spending on twitter as a way to protest the platform due to their treatment of Mitch McConnell.

The National Republican Party and President Donald Trump’s campaign had projected to spend upwards of $300,000 this month alone on Twitter – and have now chosen to stop this. With such a financial hit, the hope is that Twitter will pay attention to what it is done since they claim to have no political bias.

The Dems are Crossing the Line
The Dems don’t seem to understand that they can’t have it both ways. They can’t get upset with the GOP or the President for saying one thing while they, then, do something out. They don’t like when Trump gets mad at the Squad. They don’t like guns. What they do seem to condone and celebrate, however, is saying things like McConnell should have broken his neck instead of his shoulder and calling for the assassination of the Senator.

The Dems may criticize the legislation but showing up at a man’s house to boycott is not the answer. It’s never the answer – and it’s a gateway to inviting even more violence.

Twitter needs to get rid of the “massacre Mitch” hashtag altogether if they want to prove that they have no political bias. Otherwise, they’re only allowing one side of the story to be told – and it’s clear that the Dems are way beyond listening to reason.

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