Levine After Failed Gun Ban: “We Will Be Back”

Following all the noise and tension surrounding the gun issue in Virginia, the anti-gunners we’re given a definitive and clear message, but they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. That noise and all the recent attention on Virginia surrounded the proposed legislation of the now infamous HB961 bill.

The furor and tension in Virginia also had to do with the recent 2nd Amendment rally held annually at the VA state capitol in Richmond. It was only days before this rally when the VA state government convened to propose a litany of new gun legislation including the HB961 bill.

The HB961 bill, also commonly referred to as the ‘assault weapons ban and magazine confiscation bill was spearheaded by Virginia delegate Mark Levine. It was during this meeting that a ban on all firearms on the premises of the Virginia State Capitol was also enacted – seen by many as a slap in the face to the 2nd Amendment supporters who were attending the rally.

As one story reported, the whole of the state of Virginia and the Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee, slapped back. The HB961 bill was soundly defeated and it has been widely reported that Levine’s disappointment was visually evident.

Like any good, stubborn, agenda-driven Democrat though, the Delegate from Virginia’s 45th District didn’t stay down for long. Via Twitter Levine simply stated in response to the sound defeat, “We will be back.”

While his tweet didn’t sound particularly inflammatory the topic of gun control is, and the responses that his simple tweet incited is only evidence of that fact. Some of the more colorful responses said things like:

“We’ll be here,” or, “we’ll be waiting” and, “… you will be defeated yet again.”

Then, as we might expect, there were some more pointed and personal responses to Levine’s tweet too. A few of those edgier responses said:

“So will we. We the People,” and “… so will Virginia’s gun owners. And everyone who believes in liberty,” or, “We ain’t leaving.”

We saved the best for last though. These were a few responses that ranged from the very personal to the damn-near scary. Responses like:

“Bring it, Levine. Bring it,” and, “Don’t worry, we personally pledge to do everything within our political power to make certain you’re unemployed in public “service” in 2022. Authoritarians like you have no place on Virginia soil.”

There can’t be too much stock put in Twitter statistics but at last count, with more than 300 responses, there were only 20 likes to Levine’s promise to come “back” to continue the fight. We haven’t done the math but if this is any indication, the support for gun control legislation was in the considerable minority.

So who’s agenda is this then? The Virginia state government, who’s Judiciary committee voted it down? The people of Virginia who have taken up an annual 2nd Amendment rally and taken their voices to the Twitterverse? Or is this some party-driven and partisan led agenda that takes no regard for the people or the country in which they are charged to govern?

Unfortunately, and as our story pointed out, Levine, along with his partisan-led agenda and all the anti-gunners will be back. We all know this fight isn’t finished, but it sure must have felt good to slap someone back.

Those gun-grabbing, anti-everything-gun folks in Virginia aren’t going anywhere though, and Mark Levine simply voiced that fact. Yes, he promised that the pro-gun control nuts would be back in force, and that leads us to our favorite response.

In two simple words, one voice from the Twitterverse responded in a way that acknowledged both the fact that the Levine’s of the world would be back and how aggravating that fact was.

Levine merely tweeted, “we will be back.”

And one twitter response simply said, “Like herpes…”

How inappropriately appropriate is that? And how true? We know that not until we change the mindset of America and stop blaming guns for violence, will we begin to see change. The President and others are working on that, but until then they will be like one of those infections that just won’t go away.

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