China Wants to Play War: The United States Flexes Its Muscles!

China has been taunting the United States for a long time. They have tried to blame the outbreak of COVID-19 on the United States Military. They have worked at stealing secret biological material from American Universities. And now they are threatening to use weapons that can cripple if not destroy aircraft carriers. China has an […]

Crooks: A Third of This City Council Arrested on Extortion and Bribery Charges

The city of Toledo, Ohio has been rocked with a major scandal that has led to the arrest of four city council members and one local attorney. The FBI had found that these four members of the city council were serving their selfish interests instead of taking care of the city like they were supposed […]

Boom! Armed Homeowner Lets Cuomo Have It…Cuomo Looks Like He’s Going to Cry

By now, I am sure that just about everyone has heard about the couple in St. Louis, Missouri, who defended their home and lives with firearms when a mob of “protesters” broke into their private gated community and trespassed on their property. The incident has been all over news outlets nationwide. But while many would […]

NY Crime Soars as Budget Falls–It’s Out of Control

The Democrats in New York are moving quickly to remove funding from the police department. Liberals have long sought to undermine law enforcement at every level any way that they can. The planted thought of defunding the police gave them the opportunity to put their wicked plan into action. They are shifting the money into […]

Biden: Public Schools Will be Forced to Permit Biological Males On Female Sports Teams

Joe Biden is already trying to put men into the realm of women. His idol in life had allowed men into women restrooms so now Biden wants to duplicate everything and allow men to compete physically in women sports. He aims to allow transgender men to beat up on biologically smaller girls. This agenda item […]

Oh, Brother! Cancel Culture Now Going After Yoga Studio

The cancel culture has us canceling anything fun. It has us canceling things because of a political undertone that isn’t even real unless you look at it through racist glasses. Nothing is sacred anymore. Businesses are having to apologize and change their business models just to avoid being viewed as racist. Now, a yoga studio […]

Boom! Harlem Residents School Liberal Whites on Why Defunding Police Isn’t the Answer

For far too long, the Democratic left has cried black lives matter when any sort of racial injustice occurs.  Now, I’m not saying they shouldn’t have initially or that the movement at its roots is entirely ridiculous. After all, black is human skin color, just like white, yellow, brown, and red, which means they do […]

The Obama-Era Police Reform That Biden Is Chomping at the Bit to Start

Joe Biden may be running for president under the Democratic Party, but anyone who thinks that they’re getting an original president with ideas of his own is sadly mistaken. Many question whether he’s even sane enough to run. Others question whether he’s capable of providing anything beyond what Obama did. Biden has decided to put […]

Biden Adds a ‘Karen’ to His List of VP Choices

Typically, when an election is underway, as time dwindles, the candidates become fewer and fewer, such as 2020’s Democratic presidential primary. However, as the assumed nominee for his party, Joe Biden is adding, not subtracting names from his shortlist for VP. And the newest addition is a Karen… And I mean literally. News has broken […]

BUH-BYE: Forget Making a Change from the Inside, When Resignation is Easier

Many politicians get into politics because they want to make a change. They want to ensure the country reaches its full potential. It takes work, though, and some people demonstrate that they’re not willing to put the time in to spark the change that they complain is needed. For Mary Elizabeth Taylor, a senior State […]

Bullying BLM is Getting Their Way and People are Furious

The Black Lives Matter terrorist group has targeted controversial monuments and statues all over the country. Their demands are simple as they want them removed or the group will take them down by force. The BLM group is nothing more than a bully organization forcing people to accept their views on history and how they […]

Well, Well; Hypocritical CNN is Suddenly a Big Fan of Walls

It’s always amusing at the hypocrisy that Democrats show. Trump is portrayed as a monster because he wants to build a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border to protect us from the mass immigration of people trying to enter the country illegally. Yet, it’s suddenly okay for the Democrats to build walls to protect them from […]

Snowflakes Are Clueless About American History…They’re Tearing Down the Wrong Statues

Shortly following the death of George Floyd, statues and monuments were defaced and destroyed by rioters hell-bent on destruction. Initially, they concentrated on anything depicting the Confederacy. The Confederacy, because their quest was to keep slavery from being abolished, became the immediate focus of “BLM” protestors. They felt by removing all traces of an era […]

BLM Called Domestic Terror Group After Mayor’s Home is Vandalized

The Black Lives Matter protest was fine until the protestors decided that violence was the key to getting what they wanted out of people. They damaged property and even hurt people all along with their reign of hatred for America. The Democrats and some political Moderates were fine letting them sweep through the cities damaging […]

Supreme Court Stops Texas Execution Over Religious-Rights Violations

The death penalty is used to stem the tide of murder in the country. It is there to keep people from taking life from another just because they get angry. It provides teeth to the law that murder is wrong. But when the United States Supreme Court stopped the execution of a man in Texas […]

Man Pushes 92-Year-Old Lady to the Ground

Our system of law is most definitely broken. But in contrast to what the progressive left says, it has little to do with our police officers. Instead, look no further than our city officials and judicial system who have now allowed criminal after criminal to walk away from even abusive and physically violent crimes without […]

NYC Police Commissioner Bows to Leftist Demands

One of the most interesting parts of my day is reading the morning headlines. And, as of late, this due in part to the absolute irony I find among those. Take a quick scan of the New York Daily News a few days ago, for example. One article is titled, “Murders continue to surge in […]

Snowflake Protesters Whine That the Police ‘Are Blatantly Snubbing Us’

The Democratic world revolves around hypocrisy and censored living. A Democrat has no problem telling someone to do one and they go and do the exact opposite. The duplicity lived out for everyone to see from the Democratic Party is sickening at best. There is no balance or desire to do what is right for […]

Cuomo Defends Christopher Columbus Statue: “Represents Italian-American Legacy”

As the country has seemingly exploded overnight into a flash mob intent on destruction and hate, cities and states around the nation are seeing hundreds of statues, memorials, and monuments defaced, if not altogether ruined. But one of those is getting defended. And you might be surprised who is doing that protecting, at least partially. […]

The List from Seattle’s Autonomous Zone Goes Full Crazy – Cigarettes, Body Lotion and More!

Autonomous has a very different definition than what is being practiced in Seattle. According to CHAZ, they are operating as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone after kicking police out and taking care of the city. However, autonomy means having the freedom to govern itself. Clearly, they don’t have the means to govern themselves based on […]

As White Celebrities Beg for Forgiveness Ricky Gervais Isn’t Apologizing For A Damn Thing

Stars of the silver screen, music icons, corporate weenies, politicians, and all manner of liberal soft-minded imbeciles, are apologizing for things they never knew they said or did. Because they are mostly white, they figure they surely must have at one time said or done something racist. Even if they haven’t. Contrary to what the […]

China Dismisses Study Suggesting COVID-19 was Spreading in Wuhan in August

There are a lot of studies that are being reported around the world that all relate to the coronavirus. Each report is based solely on facts that have been gathered in specific regions of the world. The reports are provided so a better understanding of the virus can be found. Part of that understanding has […]

Does Kaepernick Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize and Backpay?

Colin Kaepernick wasn’t some civil rights champion. He decided to go on a one-man crusade by kneeling in the middle of the national anthem. He didn’t tell people he was going to do it. He simply did it. He wanted to make a name for himself and it worked. Is he looking to improve the […]

New Zealand Makes a Shocking Announcement About the Coronavirus

New Zealand claims to be the first nation that has beaten Coronavirus, at least for the most part. On Monday, the island nation’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made a public announcement touting their success over the virus on a grand scale. According to Ardern and her team, New Zealand has no active cases of the […]

Sessions Blasts Omar, Asks About Her “Brother”

Jeff Sessions certainly isn’t the most favorite of conservative politicians, especially since his somewhat bitter leave from the White House as President Trump’s former attorney general. However, that doesn’t mean that the man is anywhere close to rooting for the other side or giving up on making America better. And his most recent spat, with […]

See How the Pandemic is Only Convenient During Certain Remembrances

No social gatherings of more than ten. It’s the rule that the United States has been careful to promote at all times. It’s why schools, conferences, events, and more have been canceled or postponed. It’s also why many people have had to forego funerals for their loved ones. It seems that the excuse of the […]

Man Carrying Assault Rifle at Floyd Protest Plotted to ‘Off Racists and MAGA People’

The depth of the crime of the protesters continues to mount as a man from Texas was found making threats to people while carrying a loaded assault rifle. The whole idea of outside interference is proven true as Emmanual Quinones shows up in Lubbock looking to shoot someone. The Justice Department charged the man with […]

Six NYC Guardian Angels Took on 300 Black-Clad Weapon Wielding Protesters and Won…Prepare to be Amazed

Isn’t it ironic how the very ingrates who were just recently flashing peace signs and advocating love as the only solution for saving humankind, are now burning buildings, smashing windows, and defying law enforcement with unprecedented violence? Do as I say. Not as I do. This is not how any of this is supposed to […]

Zuckerberg Refuses to Allow FB Employees to Destroy America’s 1st Amendment as he Stands with Pres Trump

There is no denying how social media has taken over our lives. We can openly argue our political points without fear of receiving a blackened eye. We can express our feelings towards any matter we choose, no matter how controversial the issue. We can reveal every aspect of our private lives to anyone who may […]

New Guidelines Released…The Mask Police Are Going to Be Furious!

The mask police have been in full force for weeks. Now, they’ve come out in droves as states begin to open the economy back up. They’re starting to shame people for not wearing masks. The Dems are the biggest police of them all, pointing fingers, posting videos, and telling people when they should and shouldn’t […]

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